Ted Cruz & Ocasio-Cortez Unite to Take on the Uniparty. Is it For Real?

Recently I’ve been saying the Uniparty Establishment is the true enemy and that partisan politics is one of its tricks to keep Americans divided and fighting one another instead of the Uniparty itself.

When the American people finally DO turn against the Uniparty, it will first require Republicans and Democrats to put aside many of their differences in recognition of the fact that the Uniparty, not the other side, is responsible for all they decry and lament about America.

For the most part, I’m not talking about the politicians because most politicians are the Uniparty. I’m mainly talking about the voters, the masses, but also the handful of rogue politicians out there that aren’t under the thumb/in the pocket of the Uniparty.

In order to actually overthrow the Uniparty it will require grassroots Republicans and grassroots Democrats to recognize that there is far worse out there than each other.

So what would that look like? What would it look like for the grassroots right and the grassroots left to come together, put aside their differences and focus on the major points of agreement rather than differences? By major points of agreement, I mean on genuinely consequential issues: it doesn’t count as bipartisanship if it’s some silly thing like passing a resolution saying “We Hate Cancer.”

And it also has to be an issue that is genuinely in the interest of the American people. If the Establishment wings of both parties come together and pass a horrendous omnibus bill that guts border security and further opens the border, that doesn’t count. In fact that’s simply the Uniparty doing its thing. That’s business as usual. Also something that doesn’t count: the Establishment wings of both parties coming together to start a foreign war.

So here we have a genuine Republican populist, Ted Cruz, coming together with a seemingly (more on this later) genuine Democratic populist, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, on an issue that is truly in the interest of the American people: putting an end to the Congress-to-K-Street-Pipeline.

For those who don’t know, K-Street is the street in D.C. where most of the lobbying firms are located, and so when someone says “K-Street,” they’re referring to the Washington lobbying industry. In 2015, the Washington Free Beacon reported that since 1998, a total of 427 former Members of Congress went into lobbying after leaving Congress. It’s such a common tradition that it’s come to be known as the Revolving Door, or the Congress-to-K-Street-Pipeline. With 427 former Members of Congress in the lobbying business, that means there are nearly as many former Members of Congress lobbying Congress as there are Members in Congress.

This was how the bipartisanship began:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.02.25 PM.png

The tweet Ocasio-Cortez is reacting to is a report that nearly 60% of the former Members that left Congress in January of this year went into lobbying. Cortez said it should be illegal for former Members of Congress to go into lobbying. Ted Cruz saw her tweet and agreed:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.02.39 PM.png

Ocasio-Cortez was more than receptive–she was all-in:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.02.59 PM.png

This is so much more encouraging and gratifying than the constant OWNING and DESTROYING one another we’ve grown accustomed to when it comes to partisan politics.

Usually, it would be something like this: Ocasio-Cortez says something on Twitter, then a Republican quote tweets her and says something to the effect of, “WHAT A F*CKING IDIOT” and gets 50k likes. Or vice versa.

This bare-knuckle brawling and dunking on one another is definitely popular with us partisans, because we’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing the other side as the Great Satan above all others.

But doesn’t this just feel better? Doesn’t this make you more optimistic about the future of our country, to see two politicians who are seemingly bitter opposites coming together to take action against the real enemy?

When we see Politician We Like 💯🔥ABSOLUTELY OWN💯🔥 Politician We Don’t Like, it doesn’t actually make us feel good. It just indulges our partisan hatred. It confirms the views we already hold. And that isn’t inherently bad, because a lot of times the libs do deserve to be OWNED, but it doesn’t actually get us anywhere as a country.

The real enemy–the Uniparty–loves the partisan mudslinging more than any of us because it means we’re not focused on the Uniparty, which is the true source of misery and evil in the country.

What the Uniparty hates, on the other hand, is when politicians it doesn’t control, like Ted Cruz and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (maybe–again, more on her later) come together, seemingly against all odds, and propose something that is bad for the Uniparty and, by definition, good for the American people.

There is no good reason for former Members of Congress to go into lobbying. It doesn’t benefit the American people; it benefits the special interests. It’s taking someone who knows the legislative process from the inside and tasking them with manipulating the legislative process and their former colleagues in order to give the upper hand to the special interests, from Big Pharma to the Military Industrial Complex and beyond. Think about it: a former Member of Congress makes the perfect lobbyist.

This unholy marriage of Big Business and Big Government is the very essence of the Uniparty. It’s how the two have basically merged and become one.

And so while banning former Members of Congress from going into lobbying would certainly not bring the whole corrupt Uniparty system to its knees, it would nonetheless be a victory for the American people.

Of course, this could all be a Uniparty psyop meant to give the people false hope before crushing it in order to demoralize. That’s possible. The Uniparty does this all the time.

If this is the case it would mean both Cruz and Ocasio-Cortez are faux-populists who exist to give the American people the impression that Congress is not 100% dominated by the Uniparty. Again, this is possible.

But here’s the thing: I actually trust Ted Cruz. I trust his anti-Establishment bonafides. I trust that he’s on our side. Why? All the other Uniparty Establishment Senators hate him. He’s gotta be doing something right.

Remember in the 2016 GOP primary, the final two candidates were Trump and Ted Cruz and the GOP Establishment was already moaning that no matter who won, it was screwed. Whether the voters ultimately chose Trump or Cruz, the Establishment knew neither was Their Guy.

The GOP Establishment hated Ted Cruz nearly as much as it hated Trump. In fact Trump was the only candidate the Establishment despised more than Cruz.

Cruz obviously is not as big of an outsider as Trump, but he’s an outsider alright. Cruz has pissed off the Establishment at every step since he first began running for Senate back in 2011. Remember, he was the Tea Party insurgent candidate who defeated the Establishment Careerist David Dewhurst in the Republican Senate Primary in 2012. Like Trump in 2016, the Establishment in 2012 said that Cruz winning the primary was a disaster because he was too conservative to win the general election.

So I trust Ted Cruz. He’s one of the few politicians I can say that about with a reasonable degree of confidence, but the reason I trust him is because all the right people hate him and have tried to stop him at every step of the way.

The real question is, do we trust Ocasio Cortez? Is she really as much of a populist, anti-Establishment rabble-rouser as she claims to be?

I’m kind of torn on that question. On one hand I think she could be the genuine article—a genuine populist, anti-Establishment, Bernie Sanders-like figure who really and truly represents a threat to Uniparty rule—but on the other hand I think the Uniparty may well have already gotten to her and flipped her.

The reason I say Ocasio-Cortez may already have been flipped to the Uniparty is because of all the positive Uniparty media coverage she gets. She’s become a national celebrity, and these days you generally don’t get to become a popular national celebrity who is covered positively by the Uniparty media unless you are one of them.

When you have CNN, FiveThirtyEight, New Yorker and Wired all saying positive things about you, it definitely calls into question your Outsider Credentials.


And yet, on the other hand, Nancy Pelosi seems to really despise Ocasio-Cortez, which is a major boost to her anti-Uniparty bonafides:



And Ocasio-Cortez, like Cruz, like Trump, was a genuine outsider candidate who upset an establishment politician in her primary race.

So is Ocasio-Cortez a genuine populist who will ultimately be an ally against the Uniparty, or have they already gotten to her and turned her into a puppet?

We’ll find out before long.

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