Yes, in Fact the Elite IS Trying to Normalize Child Molestation

All the biggest names in “Mainstream” news are publishing “thinkpieces” in an attempt to reframe society’s perception of pedophilia–aka child molesting.

Let’s not mince words: the word “pedophilia” is an attempt to somewhat cover up the disgusting reality of what it is: child molestation.

New York Times, the Guardian--it’s happening at nearly all the Mainstream Establishment Propaganda outlets now.

And earlier this month, Snapchat had a filter available on its app that said “Love Has No Age,” clearly a positive affirmation of child molestation. They are now trying to work pedophilia in to the LGBT movement, because after all, “Love is love,” they tell us.

We all now know that pedophilia is a massive problem within the highest reaches of the Catholic Church, and that it has been covered up for years.

On top of this, within the past few years, former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert–a man who was third in the line of succession to the US Presidency–was convicted of child molestation and served time in prison for it. He is the highest-ranking US government official to serve prison time in the history of the United States. And yet most Americans probably don’t even know this. The media was more interested in covering a Russian Collusion Scandal that never happened. Why was our media not asking questions about Hastert? Why were they not relentlessly trying to figure out if any other elite politicians were pedophiles like Hastert?

You know why: because our media does not exist to expose the crimes of the elite, it exists to cover them up and distract from them.

What’s next? Movies and television. Slowly but surely you’ll see them try to shift the “Overton Window” of acceptability. Obviously going from “thinkpieces” to on-screen Hollywood depictions of child molestation is a big jump, but they’ll make it nonetheless. First it will start with older men and barely-legal girls, then they’ll get bolder and bolder.

We’ve seen how Hollywood has “evolved” in its depictions of sex since the earliest days of film. At first a woman showing as much as an ankle was risqué, now we have full-frontal nudity, graphic sex scenes–everything. Everything that was once considered depraved and deviant and unacceptable is now not only fine but glorified everywhere.

Pedophilia is simply the next step for the cultural elites.

Opponents of gay marriage within the past decade warned that after gay marriage was legalized would come things like polygamy and pedophilia. They were dismissed and ridiculed ferociously as bigots, conspiracy theorists and all the rest. They were said to be commuting the logical fallacy of the “slippery slope.”

But now in 2019, just four years after gay marriage is was legalized, you have the major Establishment propaganda outlets trying to turn public opinion in favor of child molestation.

Why are they pushing this? I have no idea. It’s the one part of the Globalist Elite’s agenda I cannot for the life of me understand. Maybe it’s because our elites are generally sick and depraved people, truly wicked and satanic to the core.

If I had to guess the elite’s reason for pushing pedophilia, I’d say it’s part of their broader attempt to destroy traditional values, but I still don’t see how this would solidify and/or expand their power.

So I really think it’s just because a large percent of the elite are pedophiles. They’re truly evil, satanic people. Perhaps there’s not much more to it than that.

Again, I don’t understand why they’re doing this. But then, I don’t understand pedophilia in general, and yet there are still pedophiles out there.

Over two years ago, Paul Joseph Watson made this revealing and sickening video laying out the evidence–much of it circumstantial, but also much of it indisputable–that pedophilia is a common practice among the global elite. This video was what first introduced me to the possibility that our elites were more sick and demonic than any of us could possibly imagine, and it’s looking like Watson was right on the money:

In any sane and moral society, the minimum punishment would be mandatory castration for any and all convicted pedophiles. Instead we have our most prominent “mainstream” media outlets trying to convince the public that pedophiles are merely misunderstood and that pedophilia is not all that bad.

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