Body Language Analysis: Trump vs. Justin Trudeau

Recently the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to Washington to visit President Trump in the White House. The two took questions from reporters in the Oval Office while sitting on side-by-side, and the contrast between the two heads of state could not have been clearer:


These pictures told us so much about these two men.

Trudeau: meek, closed-off, uncomfortable, looks submissive and deferential to Trump. Seems as if he wants to curl up into a ball and disappear. Trudeau has shifted his body to one side of the chair closest to Trump and appears to be seeking approval through from proximity to Trump. His positioning makes him look like an afterthought, an attache, a hanger-on.

Trump: open body language, assertive, comfortable, dominant posture, in control of the situation and clearly the center of attention.

With regards to the reporters in the room, they were questioning Trudeau, whereas Trump was taking their questions. There’s a critical distinction between the two.

This image tells you basically all you need to know about the two men. They may both be heads of state but clearly one commands more respect than the other.

Canadians have taken notice of the weakness shown by their “leader”:

Trudeau, of course, is a globalist puppet who only became Prime Minister because his of his father, so of course he’s meek and unassertive.

Trump is an unapologetic nationalist outsider who crashed the Establishment party and took his office by overcoming incredible adversity and opposition from powerful elites.

One man earned his power despite significant institutional and Establishment hostility, the other was installed because he had significant institutional and Establishment support.

Trump carries himself like a man who answers to no one but the American people, Trudeau carries himself like a figurehead.

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