The Open Borders Propaganda Machine Goes Full Steam Ahead

They think you’re stupid. They think you’re an easily-manipulated rube who believes everything you see on the news, and this is why they’re trying to emotionally manipulate you into supporting open borders.

Everything you’re seeing right now as it pertains to the “humanitarian crisis” at the border is all connected; all coordinated and planned. It’s all part of the same effort. First came the “candid” photos of Ocasio-Cortez breaking down in tears while visiting the border and viewing Trump’s “concentration camps” for illegals:


Wow, so genuine. Not entirely clear what she’s looking at, but that doesn’t matter: we all know Drumpf is an evil fascist dictator holding brown people in LITERAL CONCENTRATION CAMPS just like Auschwitz. That must be what Ocasio-Cortez is so distraught over.

Within hours of these photos being released, lo and behold the Associated Press follows it up with this:


This is America’s version of the infamous Syrian Boy image that effectively opened Europe’s borders and allowed millions of Middle Eastern and African migrants to pour in. How conveniently timed.

Then last night, CNN’s Don Lemon–totally just a news anchor and not a political activist or anything–was choking up on air over the image of the dead migrants. Even though Don Lemon previously called the border crisis “manufactured” by Trump:

Guess Don Lemon’s marching orders changed. His producers must have informed him that he would no longer be dismissing the border crisis with a scoff, instead he would be crying about it.

It’s all Uniparty propaganda designed to guilt you into supporting open borders. Even if the images you see come from different “news” organizations, ultimately the agenda itself comes from the same Uniparty Establishment. CNN and AP alike both promote the Uniparty agenda and are just two of its many propaganda organs.


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  1. Stephen Campbell says:

    I was waiting for the article to present evidence that the images, the crisis is propaganda, but all we have is you saying it is, thanks for wasting my time!

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