Trump to Ungrateful Invader Congresswomen: If You Hate America so Much, then “Go Back” to Where You Came From

I approve of these tweets:

The media and the Establishment Republicans will lose their minds over this, but the fact is most regular Americans agree: if you don’t love America, then leave.

Ilhan Omar and the rest denounce America as evil and racist on an almost daily basis, so why don’t they leave?

Why would they stay in a country they obviously hate?

Because they’re only here for the economic benefits. It’s safer and way more advanced than their home countries (for Omar its Somalia) and America has a generous welfare state. That’s all America means to them.

They come here to extract financial benefits from our welfare system while retaining a strong sense of national pride and identity with their original countries.

Immigrants who come here only to benefit from the American system and not to leave their old countries behind and become Americans are destroying this country.

This is what separates post-1965 immigrants from turn of the century immigrants: the Europeans who came here a hundred years ago were not seeking a generous welfare state to leech off of. They were leaving their old countries behind and integrating into American culture.

The fact that in the late 19th/early 20th century there was no expansive and easily-bilked welfare state for turn of the century immigrants to benefit from in America is all the proof you need that they came here for far nobler reasons than people like Ilhan Omar.

No matter how much the media shrieks “Racism” about Trump’s tweets, it doesn’t make him wrong. He’s dead-right about these ungrateful freeloaders.

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