“Send Her Back”

This gives me hope for the future. Despite the bombardment of politically correct multiculturalist propaganda, Americans still aren’t afraid to stand up for their country against invaders and subversives:

It gives me hope to see that not all Americans have been bullied into accepting the lie that we have to welcome and accept foreigners who don’t even try to hide the fact that they hate us.

This is a woman who has referred to 9/11 as “some people did something.”

Ilhan Omar has said that America is “not going to be the country of white people,” and we’re supposed to sit here and act like that’s not blatant racism and support for white genocide.

How come it’s racist to say America, a country that was consistently 87% white/13% black for two centuries, is a white country? It’s just a fact. But Ilhan Omar wants to change that fact. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you disagree strongly.

We are under no obligation to accept “refugees” who come here and want to implement a demographic replacement of the historical majority of the country.

If I went to her native Ethiopia and, after some time living there, I ran for political office and won and upon taking office I confidently pronounced that “this is not going to be the country of black people,” people would be rightfully pissed. They let me in, and I repay them by basically telling them it’s my country now, not theirs.

The fact that we didn’t send Ilhan Omar packing the moment she said that is extraordinary and shows just how conditioned Americans are to accepting foreigners who obviously hate this country and everything it represents.

But as last night’s Trump rally showed, not all of us believe the lies.

Outside of the fact that she went through a citizenship ceremony, where is the evidence that Ilhan Omar is an American? It should be obvious from her words and actions, but it’s not. In fact her words and actions indicate someone who hates America.

But she went through a citizenship ceremony so according to the Politically Correct cowards she’s Just As American As Anyone Else!

She is the first invader member of Congress and thankfully there’s still some people who see straight through it. They don’t buy this bullshit that says stepping on to America’s Magic Soil automatically makes anyone as American as Elvis Presley.

“Send her back” is the visceral reaction of patriotic Americans who instinctively recognize a traitor in their midst.

Oh shut up. Quit playing dumb.

You know exactly what this is: Ilhan Omar is not only unAmerican, she’s anti-American. This is way more than simply “saying something President Trump doesn’t like.” This goes way beyond mere disagreement.

This woman committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother in order to gain citizenship, then used that wrongfully-gotten citizenship to run for Congress, where she was able to win because her district is full of Somali Muslims just like her who simply voted for her in ethnic solidarity, and now she uses her ill-gotten political power to subvert and destroy America from within. And she has the tacit approval of leftist elites who hate America as much as she does, as well as cowed “conservative” media who through years of shaming and psychological abuse by the media and Democratic Politicians, have genuinely come to be as pro-immigrant as the Democrats despite not benefitting from it like the Democrats do.

This woman–who hates white people, flippantly dismisses 9-11, and committed immigration fraud to gain her citizenship here–does not belong in America.

I’m glad there’s still some Americans out there who aren’t afraid to say so.

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