REMINDER: Dems Tried to Get Former White House Aide and Immigrant Sebastian Gorka Deported

It is so incredibly racist and bigoted and un-American to question an immigrant’s allegiance to this country. Immigrants are every bit as American–perhaps more–than you and I. Questioning an immigrant’s patriotism is beyond the pale. It must never be done. It is xenophobic and wrong.

Unless the immigrant is a Republican.

March 16, 2017 – The Hill: “Dem rep asks White House for Sebastian Gorka’s immigration papers,”

“Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) is asking the White House to hand President Trump aide Sebastian Gorka’s immigration paperwork over to the House Judiciary Committee.

In a letter addressed to Trump, Nadler cites a report in The Forward, an American Jewish news outlet, linking Gorka to a far-right group in Hungary, saying that the judiciary panel needs to “be assured that he did not enter this country under false pretenses.”

“If Sebastian Gorka is indeed a member of this organization, as high-ranking leaders of the organization claim he is, he would have been required to disclose this information on his immigration application, and on his application to be a naturalized U.S. citizen,” the letter reads.

“Failing to do so, he may have been withholding important material facts about his background from the United States, in violation of the law.

Gorka, a top counterterrorism adviser to Trump, was born in the United Kingdom in 1970 to Hungarian parents. He became a U.S. citizen in 2012. He fervently denied the allegations in The Forward’s story on Thursday.”

Where was the shrieking and gnashing of teeth when Democrat Jerry Nadler tried to Send Gorka Back? Where were the howls of RACISM and Xenophobia? Why was the media not irate that a politician would dare question the patriotism and allegiance of one of our treasured Immigrants, who are are all so pure and wonderful and bless us with their mere presence?

Because Gorka’s a Trump supporter. And he’s white.

The media–and their Conservative, Inc. lapdogs–only get upset when anyone questions the patriotism of America-hating, leftwing Somali Muslim immigrants like Ilhan Omar.

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