Civilization Collapses a Little Bit Every Day

Lately it seems that in many major American and European cities, the forces of chaos and barbarism are winning, while the common folk, seeking little more than peace, prosperity and order, are losing ground.

The collapse of advanced western civilization will not be a sudden, abrupt process but rather a gradual deterioration followed by some final blow which will put us out of our misery.

While I don’t know exactly what that “final blow” will be for America (for 5th century Rome it was the sack of Rome by the Visigoths, for 21st century Europe it will likely be formal conquest by Islam), this is what I mean by gradual deterioration:

This is lawlessness. When the police are helpless to enforce the law–both because they’re afraid to themselves and because the barbarians among us have no respect or fear for the police–it’s basically over. At that point the only thing the police can do to regain control is enact a brutal crackdown and basically begin a reign of terror to make people fear them again.

But we all know that’s not going to happen. The media and black race hustlers will shriek racism and the police will cower even further. The end result will be an ever-growing list of all but uninhabitable danger zones in major American cities where police fear to tread.

Before too long our cities will be small, heavily-guarded (by private security) wealthy enclaves surrounded by vast lawless, dystopian urban sprawl.

Day by day the foundation of Western Civilization crack more and more. Law and order are an integral part of that foundation, and without them we will descend into lawless chaos.

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