The Wall is Going Up

The Supreme Court delivers:

Trump is right to point out the Rule of Law aspect, as this should never have been a matter for the courts to decide in the first place. There is no genuine constitutional question as to whether President Trump can do this; it’s only become a question because leftwing Open Borders federal courts accepted the case after it was filed dishonestly by leftwing Open Borders groups.

No matter what sort of legal jargon this gets bogged down in, never lose sight of the main point: should we have a border wall or not? Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop the wall from going up and make it seem like this isn’t ultimately about the wall, but it is.

Now 100 miles of fencing can go up:

Build it.

Now, the US-Mexico border is almost 2,000 miles long so we’re going to need a lot more than this to get it fully secured, but I’ll take this nonetheless.

For a while I’ve been trying to find a graphic that shows the most porous sections of the border and after some time I was able to find this:

My initial assumption was that the Rio Grande portion of the border was the most naturally secure due to the presence of the river, but apparently the opposite is true: the Rio Grande is where the highest number of illegals are apprehended.

Perhaps that’s because southern Texas is the southernmost part of the US mainland and thus the closest part of the border for most Mexicans.

Also, Google Map’s terrain view shows that much of the US-Mexican border and especially northern Mexico is a desert, meaning it’s far more difficult to traverse than the Rio Grande valley:

Mexico’s population density map bears that out: nobody really lives in that north/central desert region. The population is mostly concentrated in the southern/central part of the country:

So of course the southern tip of Texas would be the most common destination for most illegals coming from (or through) Mexico.

Anyway, border walls work. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agrees:

The Israeli wall is almost impenetrable:

A fence worked in Hungary:

And of course the most heavily secured border on earth, the Korean DMZ, has a big ass fence. Nobody gets through.

Walls work. And we need a big one along our entire border to keep out the illegals.

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