Better Think Twice Before You Wear that MAGA Hat in Public

The owner of a New York City art gallery was assaulted by a “group of teens” (I put “teens” in quotes because there were no further details given on the attackers) for wearing a MAGA hat:

But please, let’s not focus on Trump supporters getting what’s coming to them.

Let’s focus on the real problem which is that Blue Checkmark Journalists just aren’t safe anymore in Trump’s America.

Blue Checkmark Liberals, like CNN’s Brian Stelter, are the real victims here, because Twump’s whetowic makes him feewl wess thafe, even though he spends most of his time sitting in an office and tweeting all day:

Sure, Jon Turan was physically beaten because of his political views, but Brian Stelter has to withstand the occasional Mean Tweet from the President!

I for one am glad our Soldiers of Truth in the media have their priorities in line.

Who cares if Trump supporters have become second-class citizens subject to violent intimidation in public? What really matters is that fat, rich Uniparty propagandists are never exposed to any criticism whatsoever.

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  1. We just haven’t played cowboys and liberals yet.

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