Jeffery Epstein Found Dead in Cell of Apparent “Suicide”

That sound you hear is the global elite letting out a collective sigh of relief:

“Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier who faced federal sex trafficking charges, died early Saturday in his New York jail cell in an apparent suicide, according to media reports.

ABC News and The New York Times quoted officials as saying that Epstein died in his Manhattan cell. ABC quoted three unidentified officials.

The Times, which said Epstein hanged himself, said his body was found at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, quoted unidentified officials.”

How wonderfully convenient for the Clintons and anyone else that was involved with him.

These people have the best luck!

I’m sure you’re all aware he had a failed suicide attempt a couple weeks back, which means he was placed on suicide watch, which in theory should have made it much more difficult for him to pull this off. But where there’s a will, there’s a way:

“It was not immediately clear how Epstein could have killed himself if he was under suicide watch after being found unconscious three week ago in his cell in Metropolitan Correctional Center. He had suffered injuries to his neck in what appeared to be a suicide attempt or jailhouse assault.”

This last line is important because we have a mainstream media outlet admitted that Epstein’s “failed suicide attempt” from a couple weeks ago may have been a “jailhouse assault,” aka a failed homicide attempt.

I would get ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist” for saying that, but now we have USA Today saying it. When the mainstream media says it, it’s not a conspiracy theory.

“It was not immediately clear how Epstein could have killed himself if he was under suicide watch. . .” Not immediately clear how? Unless you were born yesterday, I’m sure you can put two and two together here: it was an inside job.

When you’re on suicide watch, they take away your shoelaces, your belt, your bed sheets and anything you might be able to use to hang yourself. You’re under 24/7 monitoring. The whole point of suicide watch is that it becomes much more difficult to commit suicide.

And somehow he was able to pull it off anyway.

On July 26, economist Martin Armstrong predicted in the wake of Epstein’s failed “suicide attempt” that Epstein would never see a trial. Armstrong was right:

“Jeffrey Epstein was being housed in the “10 South” unit, commonly known as the “HOLE” which is a 24- hour lock-down where they also keep terrorists which is very strange just pending trial. This is not about Epstein but who he could implicate. It has been called America’s Gulag and the Guantánamo hid in New York City nobody is allowed to know about. It’s where America violates human rights all the time but keeps as its dirty little secret. MCC 10 South is where the government keeps federal inmates, including alleged terrorists, to cut them off from the world with no regular access to visits or telephones. The treatment in 10 South is the worst a human being can endure and it will drive many humans to choose suicide to indefinite imprisonment under such conditions.

Most suicides in MCC take place where Epstein is being held so much so that a psychiatrist visits usually once every other week or so to check on the inmates held in this torture chamber. Epstein’s cell-mate was Nicholas Tartaglione, who is a former Briarcliff Manor cop that faces the death penalty in four drug-related killings upstate. He claims he was wearing earbuds when investigators went to question him about the incident. There is no possible way that a cell-mate would not have known if the other guy tried to commit suicide.”

Inmates are often killed by others as a cover-up so the government can blame them but strangely they manage to get some sort of deal. My bet is that Tartaglione will NEVER face the death penalty.

Remains to be seen whether or not Tartaglione gets being rewarded for taking Epstein out, but I’m sure he will be once this story quiets down and people forget about it.

I know the conspiracy groups are already blaming Clinton. But Epstein probably goes way beyond just Hillary and Clinton as the new New York play was entitled (which rumor has it the Clinton’s had shut down). This may rise well beyond that so I do not believe that Epstein will ever see a trial.”

Armstrong was correct.

So let’s just run down the main points of the Epstein story:

  1. Billionaire pedophile with many very powerful friends is arrested on sex-trafficking charges.
  2. Speculation grows that Epstein’s trial may result in many big names being implicated.
  3. Epstein “kills himself” in prison before his case can go to trial, thus ensuring he’s never able to rat on his powerful friends, who will remain in the shadows.

All I’m saying is that this is the best possible outcome for all the prominent elites who could have been exposed if Epstein’s case had gone to trail.

Imagine that.

If it looks like a cover-up and smells like a cover-up, it’s probably a cover-up.

Currently, “Clinton Body Count” is trending on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 9.11.18 AM.png

People know what’s up.

I’m sorry if my past articles on Epstein following his arrest got anyone’s hopes up that this would ultimately lead to the exposure of elite pedophiles.

We should have known better.

They’re going to get away with it. We should have all knew they were always going to get away with it, now it’s confirmed.

Let this Epstein saga be a lesson: America is every bit as corrupt as any other country out there. Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil–all those other countries we look down on for being corrupt and run by gangsters, we’re just like them.



  1. If anyone is surprised by this… You’d have to be living under a rock for the past century… Was it the usual rope around the neck and two to the back of the head? 😜 Next up, you can be assured the same will happen to Assange.

    1. Austin Frank says:


  2. Mr. Frank, you’re absolutely correct; they’re going to get away with it. Reason: corruption and evil runs deep within the Elites in Washington, so deep to untangle the web of deception would be next to impossible. That the Clinton’s are alleged ringleaders comes as no surprise:


    Will the truth ever be exposed? Only if someone with equal power, wealth, influence, and connections gets behind the investigation and is careful (and selective) in whom they trust and confide in. It waits to be seen.

    Thanks so being brave enough to write and post your article.

    Brother Bill King, Pastor
    Disciples of Christ

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