You Can Oppose Immigration and Still Not Be Racist

Just because I don’t want my country to be demographically transformed does not mean I’m a racist.

Being opposed to immigration is not some moral failing on my part. It’s not because I’m racist.

It’s because I like my country the way it is. I don’t want an endless flood of foreigners pouring into it every year indefinitely.

I’m perfectly fine with Mexicans and Guatemalans and Indians and Africans. I have no problem with them. I seek no quarrel with them. I don’t spend my time writing screeds and manifestos about how my race is superior to theirs and about how much I hate them. In fact I don’t think about them much at all–that is, until they start moving into my country in large numbers.

I have no problem with the vast majority of foreigners, but that doesn’t mean I want them moving into my country in droves. Is that so hard to comprehend?

Why do we act like those two things are mutually exclusive? What is so mind-boggling about someone who has no beef with foreigners but also doesn’t want to import hundreds of thousands of foreigners into their country per year?

The whole underlying idea and attitude around mass immigration today is that it’s a given, the norm, the natural state of things, and that if I oppose it then there’s something wrong with me.

No, there’s nothing wrong with me. Why can’t everyone just stay put? Why is it so bad to want that?

We are not obligated to support mass immigration. We can oppose it and still not be racists, because it’s our country and we have the right to determine our own immigration policy.

My reason for opposing mass immigration is not because I’m racist against foreigners. It’s because they’re coming into my country in large numbers and I don’t recall ever voting on it. I don’t recall any presidential election where a candidate was promising Open Borders and won because of it.

In fact the one election where immigration was a central issue throughout the campaign was 2016, and the guy who wanted to Build The Wall won. This means that in the one case where you could plausibly argue that Open Borders was on the ballot, it lost.

None of us asked for this. None of us voted for open borders and mass immigration.

And yet the elite still slanders us as Racists if we oppose a policy that was forced upon us without our consent.

If someone enters my home without my permission and I tell them to leave, it’s not because I’m racist against them. I just don’t want them in my home. It has nothing to do with their race and everything to do with the fact that it’s my home and they weren’t invited in. I never wanted them there in the first place. It’s my home; I’m allowed to deny people entry and guess what? I don’t have to give a good explanation for it–because it’s my home.

Strangers don’t have the right to enter your home.

Calling you a racist for opposing immigration is a diversion, a way to confuse you and turn the tables on you and avoid the fact that tons and tons of people are entering this country uninvited.

The media acts like the only reason anyone could ever oppose mass immigration is Because Racism.

How about: “I like my country the way it is, thank you.” How come that’s not an option?

No, you’re a racist if you don’t want to surrender your own country to foreigners.

By this globalist Open Borders logic, they should have no problem at all with the European colonization of the “New World” following Columbus’ discovery of it in 1492.

The Indians who were here had no right to object to the European colonizers because to do so would be Racist against the Europeans.


Someone should go to a prominent leftist celebrity’s house and open the door to allow a stream of strangers in, and then when the celebrity leftist objects, respond, “I don’t see what the problem is. You must be a racist if you don’t want all these random people in your home.”

The “Racism!” attack against people in favor of restricted immigration is a non-sequitur.

I don’t oppose immigration because I’m a racist, I oppose mass immigration because I oppose mass immigration.

Get it?

There is no moral obligation to support immigration. It doesn’t make you a good person to be for open borders, nor does it make you a bad person to be for closed borders. This is one of the biggest, most pervasive lies that has taken root in 21st Century Western Civilization: that being in favor of mass immigration is somehow a more virtuous stance than being against immigration.

What’s so wrong with me liking my country the way it is and not wanting it to be “enriched” with an endless stream of foreigners pouring in year after year, decade after decade?

At the very least I should at least be able to ask, “What’s in it for me? How will mass immigration benefit me?”

As Americans already living here, don’t we have the right to ask how opening our doors up to foreigners will benefit us?

No, apparently we do not. Apparently foreigners are entitled to move here. Apparently their desire to move to America supersedes our right to have borders and sovereignty.

“Well they’re just seeking a better life in America because they live in poor countries.”

So what? Just because they live in poor countries does not mean they’re entitled to moving to America. It doesn’t work that way. Just because we have something they want doesn’t mean we’re obligated to give it to them.

My neighbor has a pool, I don’t. Am I entitled to using his pool whenever I want just because I come from a place that doesn’t have one and I really want one?

Of course not.

I only get to use his pool if he lets me, if he invites me over. He has every right to kick me out if I climb over his fence and jump in the pool. I wasn’t invited. I have no right to use his pool just because I want to and I don’t have one.

And he’s not Raaaacist for not letting me use his pool because I’m not entitled to using his pool in the first place.

Just because I want a pool doesn’t mean I’m allowed to use my neighbor’s whenever I want.

It doesn’t work that way.

The same logic applies to immigration–at least it should apply to immigration.

But right now in this country, the choice is either be slandered as a racist or allow your country to be swamped with foreigners and eventually lost forever.

You’re either for open borders or a racist. That’s the rules the elites have made for us.

This is like if I go to a car dealership and say I want a German car, but the salesman tries to sell me a Korean car and then calls me a racist for not wanting the Korean car. “What, you don’t want the Kia? Are you racist against Koreans or something?”

No, I just wanted a German car. I have no problem with Koreans, or even Korean cars. I just want a Mercedes. “Well you’re not allowed to buy a Mercedes. You either buy the Kia or you’re a Raaaaacist!”

And how much immigration do I have to approve of to be Not Racist? What is the number, Uniparty elitists? I’d really like to know.

For instance, if someone is OK with 1,000,000 immigrants a year, does that make them Not A Racist? And if they’re only OK with 999,999, does that make them a racist?

Can you please explain what’s so special and sacred about the number 1,000,000?

Or is it simply Racist to want any sort of immigration cap at all?

Always ask them this question because it will reveal the truth–which is that they never actually pondered the question of how much immigration is enough immigration. The open borders radicals’ goal was never “cultural enrichment” or “greater diversity”–it is and always has been complete demographic transformation.

And then in the unlikely event that they actually do give you a precise number for immigrants, you can ask them to explain why exactly accepting a lower number of immigrants is racist.

Inevitably they’ll come to the point where they accuse you of just wanting to preserve the white majority in America.

But what’s so wrong with that?

Again: I’m a racist for liking my country the way it is and has historically been?

Millions of poor people from the third world can want to live in a white country but I’m not allowed to want to?

Ask the Globalists why they don’t want America to have a white majority. This one’s a trick question: because they’re racist against whites people!

You can’t say it’s racist to oppose the demographic dispossession of your own race. That is literally genocidal.

One side wants to continue and accelerate the demographic transformation of America, the other side simply wants to halt it.

And you’re telling me the side engineering a full-scale racial and ethnic cleansing via mass immigration is the side that isn’t racist?

For the record: the person who wants to maintain the demographic makeup of his country isn’t a racist, nor is he under any obligation to explain why. You don’t owe globalists any explanation for why you want America to remain a white country.

I’m not a racist. I just happen to like my country the way it is, and the way it has been since it was founded centuries ago.

We never voted on the globalist elite’s grand scheme to totally demographically transform America, and yet somehow we’re Racists if we object to it?

If you don’t want to demographically transform America, that makes you a racist.

Yet no one ever explains why the people who want to demographically transform America–by replacing its white historical majority with a nonwhite one–aren’t racists.


If I was in favor of endless mass foreign immigration to Japan so that one day its Japanese ethnic majority would be replaced, how doesn’t that make me a racist?

I’d love to hear that explained.

If I say Japan should have fewer Japanese people, please explain to me how it doesn’t logically follow that I’m a racist?

I’ll wait.

If you want to upend the demographics of a nation–any nation: Iran, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, America, Congo, France–you are far, far more of a racist than I am.

I’m the one in the wrong if I say, “Iran needs more Africans.” The Iranian people don’t then have to prove they’re Not Racists by submitting to my wishes that Iran get an influx of African immigrants.

When you worry about disproving the charge of racism, you’ve already implicitly conceded the question of “Do we need more immigrants in the first place?” You’ve already accepted the premise that the only reason anyone can oppose open borders is because they’re racist.

Don’t even play the game. Reject the false choice entirely.

With their constant bombardment of racism accusations, the Elite has bullied us into submitting to their open borders immigration agenda. Wouldn’t want to speak out against it and open yourself up to charges of Racism, now would you? So we sit passively by and allow them to flood our countries with foreigners out of fear that if we object we’ll be called racists.

Elite: “Are you racists?”

Well-meaning citizens: “No, of course not.”

Elite: “Splendid! We’re going to let in 80,000 third-world immigrants a month, then.”

That’s how the elite jammed its Open Borders agenda down our throats: If you people aren’t racists, then certainly you’ll have no problem with a million Central Americans a year immigrating to this country.

No more. We don’t have to play that stupid game. We Westerners have the right to oppose the transformation of our countries.

We have the right to like our countries the way they are and not want to be “enriched” with greater and greater levels of “diversity.”

By the way, if diversity is such an obvious and self-evident good, and if immigration “enriches” us so much, then they do the elites have to force it on us undemocratically?

Also, is there ever a saturation point for cultural enrichment? Is there ever a point of diminishing returns?

I can see the plausible case for calling it “cultural enrichment” when a formerly homogeneous population accepts like a ~2% foreign minority.

But what about when continued immigration over a long period of time makes that ~2% minority into 10? And then when it becomes 20%?

Is that enough cultural enrichment? Aren’t we sufficiently enriched?

No, not according to our elites.

According to our elites, we can never hit the point of diminishing enrichment no matter how many foreigners we take in.

I have no problem with foreigners. I simply don’t want them moving into my country in mass numbers. People need to de-program their minds after years and years of Uniparty globalist propaganda and psychological abuse and understand: opposing mass immigration does not make you a racist.

I don’t have a problem with foreigners. I just don’t want millions of them moving into my country every year.

If I want to be surrounded by foreigners, I’ll go to a foreign country.


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