Jeffrey Epstein’s “Suicide” Was So Obviously a Murder that Even WaPo Reports His Injuries “More Commonly Found in Homicidal Strangulation”

It’s the conspiracy theory that everyone believes in, even an Establishment propaganda organ like the Bezos Post:

Jeffrey Epstein was murdered so he couldn’t rat out his powerful friends.

They were so desperate to ensure he couldn’t rat them out that they carried out one of the most obvious and blatant cover-up murders ever.


  1. I’m taking this a step further. The photos that were trotted out of a body on a gurney, were clearly not Epstein. I believe he was whisked off to an undisclosed location, will get some plastic surgery and a new identity and a big thanks for his “services”.

  2. That wouldn’t be a sure way of positively ensure he never divulged his secrets. I go with the murder/cover-up conspiracy, it is the surefire way of keeping the lid on. Next, look for the ex-cop cellmate to turn up dead…suicide of course.

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