Greta Thunberg is Media-Manufactured Propaganda

First the media employed David Hogg to scream at us about how we need to disarm For The Kids, now they’re using a 16-year-old Swedish kid named Greta Thunberg to guilt us into Taking Action™️ against Climate Change (which isn’t real), also For The Kids.

Hogg was an insufferable brat, but this Thunberg kid is something different.

There’s something deeply creepy about her:

Right off the bat, my first thought is that there’s no way this weird girl appeals to any significant number of people. She’s not charismatic at all, and I think most people would agree she’s pretty creepy with her constantly-on-the-verge-of-tears, Super Duper Impassioned act.

I’m just not buying it. It’s just not convincing to me. 

She’s either an actor or she’s been badly brainwashed by cruel adults who hope to use her to push the climate change angle of the assault on Western Civilization. “Don’t reproduce because Greta Thunberg says so!”

It’s probably both.

But again, I just don’t see the appeal of this girl. It feels put-on, contrived.

I can’t see any way in which she became this popular naturally and on her own. I don’t hear any normies talking about her.

Which means if there’s no organic support for her, it must be a propaganda operation. She did not become this big of a figure on her own.

But sure enough, the media is treating her as if she’s an organic viral sensation.

This is one of those all-too-common scenarios where the media coverage is the tail attempting to wag the dog of public opinion: she’s not receiving tons of media coverage because people are buzzing about her–instead, she’s being shoved down our throats by the media in order to push an agenda on us.

It’s important to recognize when this is happening, because these days it’s most of the time. People need to stop and ask themselves why, all of the sudden, every legacy media outlet is bombarding us with nearly identical “coverage” of this creepy Swedish teenager. It’s deliberate.

They’re rarely just “covering the news” or reporting on what’s happening. Instead, they’re creating the news, and selectively informing us only on what they want us to pay attention to–even if they have to create the story themselves.

The media did it with Barack Obama in 2008, turning him into a worldwide phenomenon and eventually US President. Their nonstop positive (and positive is a major understatement) coverage of Obama was what made him so popular.

This is what they’re doing with Greta Thunberg, only on a smaller scale. It should be obvious by now that it’s a faux-viral story coordinated by the biggest names in the legacy media:


CNN even ran a column by a former Obama State Department PR official:


Rolling Stone was on the same page:


The coordination is so obvious. “Powerful.” “Unforgettable.” “Passionate.”

The media makes Greta Thunberg important by “covering” her non-stop, and then the media continues to cover her because she’s important. It’s Fake News from beginning to end. At no point was there any organic origin here.

The whole Greta Thunberg thing feels like an elaborate PR operation foisted upon us by wealthy, powerful liberal elites. It’s Astroturfing 101.

So I want to know:

  • Who funded her trip and her tour of America?
  • How did she get to meet Obama?


  • How did she get to give a speech at the UN?
  • How was she allowed to testify before Congress, as if a 16-year-old from Sweden’s “insight” is somehow unique and valuable to lawmakers in America?
  • Why is her face all over the media?

If I had to guess, I’d say Soros is behind it.

Some are already suggesting this, and this photo has been circulating:


This woman, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, who is frequently pictured with Thunberg and appears to be her handler or something like that, works for the “ONE Foundation,” which is rumored to be run by Bill Gates, Bono and yes, George Soros.

But my own research hasn’t turned up any definitive proof of this, so I cannot report it with certainty.

Still, I don’t doubt that Soros is behind all this.

And finally, why is Thunberg (or, rather, her handlers) wasting time in the US? China is far and away the world’s biggest polluter and carbon emitter. In fact carbon emissions in the US have gone down over the past 20 years:


Why doesn’t Greta Thunberg go yell at China and India to stop reproducing and to give up all their sovereignty to the UN?

Because the people shoving her down our throats don’t want control of China and India, they want control of America and Europe.



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  1. The first sign of this psy-op I noticed was Davos:

    So nauseatingly transparent how they aim for the tear-ducts. As with Blasey Ford (didn’t work out b/c vocal fry doesn’t elicit much empathy for an obvious phoney), as with AOC collapsing at a chain-link fence with (off-camera) a parking lot on the other side, instead of the presumed fluffy, tear-sodden baby immigrants we’re led to believe are there. One press feint hardly BOTHERED with a story: they just mainlined us some recorded babies crying:

    Fcking pathetic. As are the fools who fall for it. Anyone challenging the B.S. gets “1984”-style excommunication, viz, how they’re trying to HowVeryDareYou to Michael Knowles.

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