ABC News is Fake News

They were trying to depict Northern Syria as a war-torn hellscape by using footage of an event in Kentucky from a few years ago. They got caught:


Uh: They got caught fabricating. It was not a mistake. The mistake was getting caught, not using the fake footage.

They are trying to keep us in Syria by any means necessary.

Oh my goodness! Look at all this horrible bombing going on! We can’t leave Syria now!”

Not gonna work.

By the way, what’s with all these neocons saying our presence in Syria is small-scale and low-cost, while also claiming that we make a world of a difference there? Which is it?

They’re trying to tell us that our involvement there is not significant enough to worry about, but also that we’re the only ones standing between the Kurds and certain annihilation.

Well, which is it? Because it can’t be both.

Our supposedly small-scale, small-footprint military presence in Northern Syria can’t possibly be enough to keep the full might of the Ottoman–sorry, Turkish–army from devouring the Kurds, right?

Something doesn’t add up.

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  1. Let’s get clear here… Lots of elites went all in on Syria, convinced Hitlery would win in ’16 and this would for sure be a hot war. Considering their, and the MIC/Deep State’s, sure bet hasn’t paid off, desperation ensues… No new yachts for daddy…

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