Defilers: Democrats’ Impeachment Scam Cements America’s Status as a Banana Republic

History has been made: Trump is now the third president in U.S. history to ever be impeached by the House, joining Bill Clinton in 1998 and Andrew Johnson in 1867. But that’s not the real historical significance: Trump’s impeachment is different in that he is the only president to be impeached despite not committing a crime.

Not a single crime is listed in the articles of impeachment filed against him. Go ahead and read the text yourself if you don’t believe me. The two articles of impeachment are for “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress.” There are no crimes cited at all, and no references to the US Code.

Even though the Constitution states that a President may only be impeached if he is found to have committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” Democrats still went through with the impeachment votes anyway.

There’s a lesson here: the Constitution is powerless to stop willfully corrupt politicians. It doesn’t matter what the Constitution says if the politicians blatantly disregard it. The Constitution cannot magically come to life and stop the Democrats from holding a fraudulent impeachment vote. The Constitution is just a piece of paper at this point.

This may be the third impeachment ever, but it’s the first-ever fake impeachment–a manufactured and disingenuous scam from start to finish.

So welcome to America 2.0: The Banana Republic. In bringing articles of impeachment against the President purely out of partisan spite, the Democrats have taken this country to yet another new low, with more certain to follow. Now, the impeachment mechanism in the Constitution, which was originally intended to remove a genuinely corrupt president, has become little more than a partisan stamp of disapproval.

All that happened on Wednesday was that 230 Democratic politicians agreed the Orange Man is Bad. They hate Trump, so they made up a reason to impeach him.

The word “impeachment” no longer holds any meaning or seriousness. It’s just another might-makes-right weapon to deploy against your partisan enemies. Impeachment requires a majority vote, and Democrats have a majority. So they voted to impeach. That’s all there is to it, really.

A majority vote by Democrats approving two articles of impeachment does not make the claims against the President true, just as a majority vote by Democrats proclaiming that men can have babies and women can have penises doesn’t make either statement true.

The truth is still the truth, and lies are still lies, no matter what the Democratic House majority says.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to get used to lies triumphing over the truth so long as Democrats remain in positions of power.

Democrats have rendered the impeachment process meaningless much like they have stripped the word “Nazi” of all meaning by applying it to everyone that opposes them. If everyone is a Nazi, then no one is a Nazi. If you can impeach a president for no reason, then how does the impeachment process have any legitimacy when there is a genuine, valid reason for impeachment?

And what is the point of having elections anymore when Democrats will simply impeach any Republican that wins one the second they regain control of the House?

Democrats are in the process of turning America into a dysfunctional, hopelessly corrupt banana republic, and Wednesday was yet another milestone along the way.

It’s important to note, of course, that when I use the term “Democrats,” I don’t mean just Congressional Democrats. “Democrats” includes the media, too. Because we wouldn’t be we are today–a third-world government in a first-world nation–

For example, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo of CNN got a little too excited and let the cat out of the bag by proclaiming that this party-line impeachment vote will “stain” Trump’s legacy. If you were wondering why Democrats forged on with impeachment despite knowing it has no chance of making it through the Senate, Cuomo made it clear:

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 1.14.09 AM.png

The problem is, this would only be true if we still lived in a country with a shared culture and consensus.

There is no longer any common or even neutral ground in America–everything has been superseded by politics (and our partisan politics has largely become a manifestation of white vs. non-white ethnic struggle). There is no consensus narrative that transcends left and right, meaning this impeachment will only “stain Trump’s legacy” in the eyes of Democrats, and obviously they don’t need this impeachment to validate their hatred of him. Their hatred for Trump far predates the impeachment vote, and in fact is the reason the impeachment vote happened in the first place.

No one on the right views this process as legitimate in any way, shape or form, so it is not a stain on Trump’s legacy to us.

The only place this impeachment vote will actually matter is cable news, where they’ll try to pretend it’s some big monumental event in American history. But cable news already hated Trump before this week, and no longer has even the illusion of being part of a shared national culture. In other words, nobody that doesn’t already hate Trump cares what cable news says about impeachment. Cable news is no longer seen as unbiased, facts-only and above the partisan fray, so it doesn’t matter what cable news has to say about Trump’s “legacy.”

And nobody cares what “historians” have to say about this impeachment–just like the media, they’re mostly Establishment propagandists who have always hated Trump.

The people “in the middle” (read: normies who don’t know anything about politics outside of what they see on Facebook) might think this is a big deal, and the fact that they do think it’s a big deal explains exactly why Democrats are doing it. But once the Senate squashes this clown show, the normies will quickly forget about it. Christmas and New Years are coming up and the normies will go right back to not paying attention.

There is no such thing as a Presidential “legacy” anymore because we’re not a country anymore. In order for a President to have a “legacy,” there has to first be a common understanding transcending the two sides. But we don’t have that. Our Presidents are 100% partisan figures now, and so this impeachment is 100% partisan.

There’s the lies, and then there’s the truth. It is impossible to have any sort of common understanding and shared cultured when the truth becomes partisan.

Beyond Fredo Cuomo, the controlled media’s marching orders were obvious this week. The Establishment’s court eunuchs couldn’t stop talking about how Trump showed no “contrition” in comparison to Bill Clinton, who was oh so contrite when he was impeached 20 years ago:


You won’t believe this but MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said the exact same thing:


Guys, try to make it a little less obvious that you’re controlled propagandists reading from a playbook handed to you by your Globalist Establishment masters.


LOL at the idea that Bill Clinton was “contrite”–about anything, ever. You can totally trust the public posturing of a guy known for “triangulating” his political positions and who is also the only President ever impeached for perjury. Yeah guys, if Bill Clinton said he was “contrite” following his impeachment, he totally meant it.

The man’s most famous words (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”) are a lie.

And as for Hayes’ claim that Clinton supporters acknowledged Clinton’s wrongdoing: the political advocacy group “” was literally founded by Clinton supporters to encourage people to move on from and forget about the fact that Clinton had sex with an intern and lied about it.

Personally, I’m glad Trump isn’t showing an ounce of Contrition™ here. The night he was impeached he went up to Michigan and held a rally. The man gives zero fucks about the Democrats’ fake impeachment and it’s hilarious. Just because the media Cares So Much doesn’t mean he has to. The media’s fretting over Trump’s lack of “contrition” is them having yet another collective temper tantrum when confronted with the harsh reality that people just don’t really care anymore what they say–Trump especially.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 1.10.35 AM.png

Also, why would a man who has been falsely accused be contrite over the false allegations? Clinton was “contrite”–or, rather, pretended to be–because he was guilty and everyone knew it. Maybe that explains the difference.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bezos Posts’ Rachael Bade, who is evidently not very bright, tweeted out a photo of herself and several other beaming Bezos Post propagandists celebrating an “Impeachmas” dinner together the night of the vote:


She quickly deleted the photo after she realized she wasn’t supposed to openly admit that she and her colleagues are total shills.

When you think about it, Bade’s bone-headed tweet may have been the most honest part of this whole phony impeachment fiasco.

It’s all so obviously manufactured.

The bottom line here, however, is that this will unavoidably backfire on Democrats. There’s no way it doesn’t. For one, Trump will remain in office. Second and more importantly, it only makes Trump’s supporters that much more loyal to him. If ever there were a compelling reason to reinvigorate complacent Republican voters ahead of the 2020 election, this is it.

This will only further solidify the GOP’s loyalty to President Trump.

Democrats thought Congressional Republicans would break ranks and turn on the President, but they haven’t. Only one Republican, Justin Amash of Michigan–the libertarian anklebiter who has spent the past year or so sucking up to the left by criticizing Trump–joined the Democrats in this vote. Meanwhile two Democrats in the House voted against the articles of impeachment, and one of them, Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, has filed to switch parties as a result of this obviously illegitimate sham.

In fact, Democrats’ belief that applying pressure on Trump in the form of fabricated “scandals” will cause weak-kneed Republicans to turn on him has been the core assumption behind basically all the dirty tricks they’ve pulled over the past three years.

In the 2016 campaign it was, “If we cover this guy negatively enough we’ll make him radioactive and Republicans will bail on him.” That was largely a success, at least in terms of compelling Establishment Republican figures to publicly renounce Trump. Obviously Trump still won the election in spite of it all, but the Democrats saw that through the media they could make the social costs of supporting Trump high enough that Republicans would rather oppose their party’s standard bearer than support him.

So once Trump was in office, Democrats assumed that if they manufactured enough smoke around Trump in the form of their many “bombshells” (which were in fact all “nothingburgers”), and repeated the claim that Trump was deeply corrupt and in thrall to the Russians, then they could compel Congressional Republicans to abandon Trump. The media tried to make it seem like it was only a matter of time before a “smoking gun” tying Trump to Russia was uncovered, and so Republicans had better turn on him ASAP lest they risk going down with the ship.

Of course no “smoking gun” was ever found, and in fact numerous investigations of Trump conducted by people who hate his guts uncovered absolutely nothing. But the more important thing that happened when Trump took office was that instead of turning tail and preparing their “In light of recent developments, I can no longer support this President. . .” speeches as the media lied about Trump on an hourly basis, Congressional Republicans–led by Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows–actually began mounting a resistance to the torrent of lies coming from the Democrats. These three American patriots–Nunes specifically–understood almost immediately that something fishy was going on, and that the “Russiagate” hysteria coming from the Democrats wasn’t just a mass delusion, but instead a deliberate propaganda campaign hatched at the highest levels of the Obama Administration as an emergency contingency plan to overthrow President Trump.

In short, Republicans held firm and did not give in to the pressure to abandon Trump. I rip the Republican Party a lot, and in my view all of that criticism is well-deserved. But in this case Congressional Republicans deserve some recognition for their courage in refusing to submit to the Deep State’s campaign to undo the 2016 election. Keep in mind that for a very long time in this country, the media’s word was gospel. 20 years ago, if the media claimed the President was colluding with Russia, everyone would’ve believed it.

But things have changed. More and more people are starting to realize we have been lied to, and that the media is not a trustworthy source of information.


As usual, the Democrats are guilty of the very thing they are accusing Trump of–abuse of power. They have abused their control of the House’s Constitutionally-delegated impeachment prerogative to level false charges against an innocent president solely to tarnish his name and reputation.

They’ve been talking about impeachment for three years now, so clearly this is not about Ukraine at all. Ukraine is merely the convenient pretext they’ve seized on to do what they’ve always wanted, but only now have the numbers in the House to do.


As if it weren’t already abundantly clear, we live in Clown World. The Democrats have impeached a President for trying to investigate the Biden family’s rampant corruption, and now they hope this impeachment will help Biden get elected President.


Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 1.11.56 AM.png

There’s really no better way to describe it: we live in Clown World.

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