The Democratic Primary Summed Up in One Image

Bernie Sanders as Julius Caesar.

Sometimes a picture is truly worth 1,000 words.

With both Buttplug and Klobuchar surprising the country by abruptly dropping out and endorsing Biden just in time for Super Tuesday, and with Warren staying in the race presumably to siphon off votes from Bernie, the Democrats have made it clear that Bernie Sanders will not be their nominee. Not now, not ever.

Instead of Super Tuesday, people are calling it Super Coupsday.

What a fortuitous (and surely coincidental) turn of events for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party Establishment!

You know, Republicans made a lot of noise about stopping Trump back in 2016, but ultimately they didn’t really do much to deprive him of the nomination.

In 2020, Democrats haven’t really said much about making sure Bernie does not win their party’s nomination, but they certainly are taking action, closing ranks quickly around Joe Biden.

The polls for Super Tuesday don’t close until tonight, but it seems like Biden is poised to roar back into contention with Sanders. Here are the latest opinion polls for the race:

It’s suddenly a two-man race, and the Democratic Establishment has clearly thrown its weight behind Biden. Bernie clearly has the popular support, but will it be enough to overcome the party bosses?

It wasn’t in 2016.


  1. Ok, it’s mind-boggling that anyone with a shred of dignity would vote for either an Oligarch, a Communist, or a pathological liar, but voting for someone with onset Dementia? And the party bosses are pushing this decrepit human? You honestly can’t make this clown show up!

    1. Hohenzollern says:

      It’s really incredible to watch. Is it a case of mass-denial or do they actually believe all is well with Biden?

      1. As I keep saying… If the Deep State/Establishment could create an actual cardboard cutout – for president – they would. All pretenses have been blown wide open and it’s beyond clear that anyone they select to be president is merely a talking head, a puppet. The less that “person” can think – the better.

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