I Don’t Want to Hear the Term “Social Distancing” Ever Again

Don’t tell me I can’t dine-in at a restaurant.

Don’t tell me I have to stay 6′ apart from everybody else.

Don’t tell me we can’t have gatherings of more than 10 people anywhere.


Anyone who has seen one minute of the coverage of these riots knows that Coronavirus is done. It’s over.

Either we’re under lockdown or we’re not. There aren’t exceptions.

There is no “rioting and looting” exception to the lockdown.

Either these people all get arrested and fined for violating the stay at home orders (plus whatever other crimes they’ve committed), or we are completely done with the coronavirus.

I will not live in a country where it is illegal to go a bar, but it is legal to riot, burn, smash, steal, loot and vandalize.

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