Think Local, Not National

If I could wave a magic wand and instantly affect any change I want, there’s a strong possibility it would be that Americans would focus on local news as much as they currently focus on national news, and vice versa. We are obsessed with news stories in faraway places that have literally zero impact onContinue reading “Think Local, Not National”

Coronavirus Is a Scam

And now we know why there was such a concerted push to scare people away from hydroxychloroquine: Want the cure to coronavirus? That’ll be $3,120. Do they have the audacity to make this mandatory?

American Heroes

“Peaceful” protesters peacefully broke into their gated community, and peacefully formed an angry mob in front of their house. They decided they weren’t going to be the victims: This St. Louis couple are American heroes. So of course the media is demonizing them to no end: Peaceful, huh? Here’s the gate to their neighborhood afterContinue reading “American Heroes”

The Noose Was Fake

From the moment the Bubba Wallace noose story broke, it seemed highly dubious. And now we know it was yet another Hate Crime Hoax: Bubba Wallace is now the Jussie Smollett of NASCAR. In fact, I’m sure NASCAR itself had a hand in this just so it could join in on the anti-racist virtue signalingContinue reading “The Noose Was Fake”

Whitepill of the Day

The virus, the riots and the mayhem all prove one thing: the elites are getting desperate. If their power was secure, none of these drastic actions would be necessary. The elites are waging mass psychological warfare on the American people in the form of months of quarantines and mass terror in the form of riots,Continue reading “Whitepill of the Day”

Will the Government Actually Treat Antifa Like a Terror Group?

Rep. Matt Gaetz brings up an interesting point: Note of course that Twitter has “flagged” this tweet for “glorifying violence.” Media, like CNN, are also on Antifa’s side: CNN is unbelievable. They’re too cowardly to outright defend Antifa so they have to resort to technical objections and legalese nonsense that they themselves clearly don’t evenContinue reading “Will the Government Actually Treat Antifa Like a Terror Group?”

The Gun Debate is Over

Democrats have just lost the gun debate for a generation. Maybe longer. It’s over. The whole country can now see exactly why 2A supporters insist people need guns for personal safety. The debate always went like this: “Why do you NEED an AR-15?” “In case shit ever hits the fan.” “Wow, you’re so delusional. That’sContinue reading “The Gun Debate is Over”

Who is Delivering the Bricks?

Pallets of bricks planted in Baltimore: Pallets of bricks found in Plano, Texas: And last night in Manhattan, rioters “chanced” upon a “cache” of bricks just sitting in the middle of the street: "Yo, we got bricks. We got bricks!"—#Rioters in Manhattan chanced upon a cache in the street equipped with bricks and a shovelContinue reading “Who is Delivering the Bricks?”