The Gun Debate is Over

Democrats have just lost the gun debate for a generation. Maybe longer.

It’s over. The whole country can now see exactly why 2A supporters insist people need guns for personal safety.

The debate always went like this:

Why do you NEED an AR-15?”

“In case shit ever hits the fan.”

“Wow, you’re so delusional. That’s never gonna happen. Look around.”

Now shit has hit the fan. Smug liberals told us it was a right-wing fantasy to think the country could ever descend into chaos.

Most of those smug liberals wish they had guns right now.

The police are not going to help you if you live in a big city. You are completely on your own.

How do you protect your family, your storefront or your property? With a gun.

Guns are the only language the rioters and marauders respond to.

Anyone who says they wouldn’t feel safer with a gun is lying to you.

No man can be the master of his own domain as long as the police are his last line of defense. Without a gun, he’s little more than cattle, at the mercy of others who could slaughter him in an instant should they so choose.

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