Will the Government Actually Treat Antifa Like a Terror Group?

Rep. Matt Gaetz brings up an interesting point:

Note of course that Twitter has “flagged” this tweet for “glorifying violence.”

Media, like CNN, are also on Antifa’s side:

CNN is unbelievable. They’re too cowardly to outright defend Antifa so they have to resort to technical objections and legalese nonsense that they themselves clearly don’t even believe. “The government has no authority to do so!”

CNN demonstrated no such reservations when it came to labeling WHITE SUPREMACISTS as terrorists:

Our media is now actively aiding and abetting officially-designated terrorist groups.

Not only that, but we have prominent politicians who have sons and daughters who are part of this terrorist group. This is the son of current Minnesota Attorney General and former US Congressman Keith Ellison:

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 2.30.57 PM

What are we supposed to make of this? Is this where we are as a nation–where not only can we not agree on who is a terrorist group and who isn’t, but where the son of a prominent Democrat joins the terror group?

So what’s the deal? Are we going to declare war on Antifa like we did ISIS and Al Qaeda? Does Antifa get arrested on sight? Do we ship them off to Gitmo and waterboard them?

I don’t know how this works. But the way I see it, if you’re gonna designate someone a terror group, you better mean it. You better actually treat them like you treat terror groups. Otherwise it’s a hollow gesture.

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