#BlueFlu: Atlanta Cops Are Sick of It

They’re calling it the “Blue Flu.” Hundreds of Atlanta Police Officers tonight walked off the job and are refusing to take calls, leaving much of the city un-policed.

Atlanta cops are upset after the officer that used lethal force on Rayshard Brooks was charged with felony murder.

That, plus I’m sure they don’t appreciate the past few weeks of “Defund the Police!” and “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards).

Why would any cop want to do his job right now? It’s just not worth it. It’s even worse if you’re a white cop: you go into a black neighborhood on a call, you literally cannot do your job. No matter how justified you are, if you use lethal force, you will be charged with murder by a corrupt prosecutor and be massively demonized by the media.

It’s just not worth it.

Ultimately, this is the police sending the message: “You want to defund the police? We’ll show you a world without police. Burn.”

It feels good to see our side fighting back in the culture war for a change. This feels like the first positive development in months.

Maybe we won’t just surrender our country without a fight. Let’s hope.


  1. If I used deadly force because someone who is running from me turns to use a taser, I would be tried for murder.
    I identify as a mostly far right conservative. That doesn’t blind me to the fact that cops have been allowed by law to bully and murder citizens.

  2. This “blue flu” is wrong Police can’t go on strike. The jobs they hold are too important to the public to be withheld in a political dispute. If you don’t like what the protesters are saying, you can’t endanger public safety to get them to change. If a Atlanta police don’t like the charges brought by the DA, they can’t stop patrolling until he changes his mind. The people hurt by police strikes are innocent. They paid for a public service that they are not getting. Why? Because the person they paid is using them as a political football. Police are better than this.

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