They’re Coming After Mount Rushmore

The New York Times has made it official: the cultural revolutionaries are coming for Mount Rushmore:

They’re going to try to dynamite it one day. Maybe this year, maybe next year. Who knows. But one day they will try.

They seek nothing less than the complete and total erasure of American history. They want to rebuild this country from the ground up as BLM-istan. All white people–demonized now as “racists” in order to justify their disenfranchisement–are to be either destroyed or turned into sycophantic self-loathing cucks (aka White Liberals).

Luckily this ultra-radical viewpoint and vision for America is far on the fringe and not nearly as popular as the media portrays it to be.


“To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.”

-Alesksandr Solzhenitsyn

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