AP: From Now on, “white” will be Lowercase and “Black” will be Upppercase

The war against White people never ends:


The “explanation” AP offered was basically that black people are all the same and all united in Global Black Solidarity, while White people are scattered, don’t have a culture and basically just suck.

Of course, most of the people who say “White people don’t have a culture” were born and raised entirely within countries with White cultures and thus take “White culture” entirely for granted. But if you want to know what “White culture is,” just go to a country that doesn’t have it. Or even parts of America that are, demographically, not under “White culture”–for instance, the South Side of Chicago:


Not a lot of White people on the South Side. Go there, come back and then tell me there’s “no such thing as White culture.”

Go to the “migrant neighborhoods” in Europe and tell me there’s no such thing as White culture. There absolutely is such a thing as White culture. People who say there isn’t are either liars attempting to destroy White culture, or have been brainwashed by the liars.

This is mind-blowingly stupid stuff from AP. There are, depending on who you ask, anywhere between 3-9 races in the whole world for all 7 billion people. They would be:

  • White
  • Black
  • Asian (a very broad term that could theoretically apply to over half the earth’s population, encompassing both Russians and Pacific Islanders)
  • Australoids (meaning Australia’s indigenous people)
  • Latino (arguably White given that 53% of US Hispanics self-identify as White; also arguably Native American)
  • Native American (arguably Asian)
  • Middle Eastern (arguably White)
  • Pacific Islanders (are they to be considered Asians?)
  • Indian (as in South Asians, but this is the hardest race to categorize by far)

AP is trying to say that black Americans living in Atlanta are the same thing as black Swahilis living in Tanzania. Meanwhile, they’re also trying to say that White people, who all basically trace their ancestry back to either the Roman Empire or the barbarian tribes that lived just beyond Rome’s borders, and who almost all have Christianity in common, are way too disparate and different to be considered part of one cohesive race.

In other words, a black American living in Atlanta has more in common with a black Swahili tribesman living in Tanzania, than a White, English-speaking Christian living in Montana has in common with a White, English-speaking Christian living in Australia, according to AP.

The earliest White Americans trace their ancestry back to either England, the Netherlands, Germany or Sweden. That’s about it. All the other countries with significant White presences outside of the US and Europe–South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada–trace their ancestries back to either England, the Netherlands or France.

Even in places in South America that people don’t usually associate with the White race, like Brazil and Argentina, there are plenty of people who descend from the Portuguese or other Europeans and are ethnically White. Look up “White Brazilians” to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

All White people on Earth trace their origins to an area (Europe) smaller than the area that all black people trace their origins back to (sub-Saharan Africa). White people are more homogeneous in terms of religion (historically Christian, sadly now becoming more and more atheist, at least in historically Protestant areas) than black people. The world’s White people speak a smaller number of languages than the world’s black people.

The point is, AP is full of it when they try to say there’s just no such thing as the White race. They literally said that capitalizing the word White is white supremacist.

I’m sick of this constant assault on White people. I hate having to think about race constantly. I wish we could all just get along in a colorblind society. That would be wonderful. When I was in school, that was what we were taught all Americans should strive for. That’s what stuck with me when we learned about the Civil Rights movement.

But unfortunately you can’t ignore race any longer since it is constantly being shoved in our faces by people who call themselves “anti-racists.”

We are reminded of our Whiteness daily, and expected to be ashamed of it. It never ends. Anything they can do to denigrate and ultimately destroy the White race, they’re going to do. They want us divided, demoralized and overcome with guilt, because at that point we will be conquered, and begging to surrender.

In short, we have no choice but to think about race because the cultural elites are constantly making us think about race.

They hate us based on our race, so we have to be conscious of our race now.

We never asked for any of this. But it’s what they want. They want to have the fight. What else are we supposed to do, surrender?

No matter what bogus explanation AP tries to offer up, the main takeaway from them decreeing that Black is to be capitalized and white is to be lowercase is that Black is superior to white.

Black good, white bad.

This is what happens during cultural revolutions: one culture is replaced with another. The people in charge of the present cultural revolution hate white people, so they’re going to do any and everything they can to make the new culture reflect that hatred of white people.

This is what the elites want. It’s not what most of the people in this country–regardless of race–want. Since around 2014, there has been a deliberate and concerted effort to poison race relations in this country, and it has succeeded:


In 2001, 70% of blacks thought race relations were good–which was even more than whites, 62% of whom thought things were good. Even as recently as 2013, 72% of whites and 66% of blacks thought race relations were good.

And then Ferguson happened, and the media told one massive lie after another, and the country split in half.

As of 2018, only 54% of whites think race relations are good, and just 40% of blacks do. Those numbers are probably much lower in 2020.

This was all because of the media. They started this. They want this country to be divided on racial lines. They want white people to be persecuted for being white. This is a fight that they have started and that they have waged unilaterally against us. We did not want this at all. But now, White America is like the frog in the boiling pot of water starting to realize it’s being boiled to death.

So what are White people supposed to do? Try to ignore the fact that they’re being persecuted on racial grounds?

It’s either fight back or surrender.




  1. Max says:

    As suggested before, I recommend that white people wake the hell up. It is just a matter of time. The communists want you gone.

  2. Funny! In their explanation they used White as the first word so it was capitalized. Silly goose.

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