Biden 2020: The Trojan Horse

You know how in old times, when a young boy would become king at an age far too young to actually rule and make decisions, then the palace advisors and the young king’s family members would rule in his name? It happened in the show Game of Thrones with Joffrey and Tommen.

Same applies for a really old king, or a really sick and incapacitated king: someone rules in his place under the title “Regent.” Or they have a group of people rule in his place as the “Regency Council.” The point is, there’s a historical precedent for what we’re seeing with Joe Biden.

If Biden wins the election and becomes President, this country will be ruled by a Regent or a Regency Council, not by Joe Biden. It won’t be official, of course. The media will still pretend Biden is still fit as a fiddle, but everyone will know what’s really going on. His deteriorated mental facilities have rendered him incapable of governing the country, and everyone around him knows this.

But the scary part is: that’s the whole point of Joe Biden 2020.

If Biden wins, we’re about to be ruled by a group of people that nobody voted for, and who could probably never get elected on their own right. They’ll be using Biden’s name-recognition and association with Barack Obama to win the White House, then installing Biden as the most blatant Figurehead President in American history.

And ruling over us will be be people who are far too radical to ever sniff the Presidency on their own.

When George W. Bush was in office, lots of people on the left thought Cheney and Bush Sr. were the ones actually calling the shots. But it was much less obvious with W. Bush than it is with Biden. At least George W. Bush knew what day of the week it was. Sure he may have had the strongest grasp on the English language, but W. Bush wasn’t senile.

On the flip side, so many more people today know Biden is almost completely gone mentally. One poll conducted by Zogby found 55% of voters thought Biden was in the early stages of dementia, including 56% of independents. A Rasmussen poll from late June claimed 40% of Americans think he has dementia, with 61% thinking he should at least address those concerns publicly. So either way, most Americans know what’s going on with Joe Biden.

Given his age, nobody actually expects him to serve out a full two terms. Sometimes he looks so bad that him lasting even one term would be a surprise.

That’s why his Vice Presidential search is a bigger deal than in past elections: not only is there a much higher likelihood that this person will become President if Biden dies, it’s also pretty obvious that from day one, his VP will have much more power and influence than any prior VP due to Biden’s inability to do the job. Biden’s VP will probably be the President Regent from the very start.

So who will it be? Who will be our true ruler if/when Biden wins the election? Right off the bat, the first guess is Barack Obama. The 22nd amendment is somewhat unclear on the matter, as it seems like it says Obama is only prohibited from being elected himself, meaning he just might be eligible to be Vice President:

“No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of President more than once.

So could Obama theoretically become President once again if he is VP and Biden dies or resigns in office? After all, Obama would not be running for office. He would not be in violation of the amendment’s text which says “no person shall be elected to the office more than twice.” Elected is the key word.

While this might seem like there’s an obvious loophole, the 12th Amendment places restrictions on the selection of Vice Presidents, and it says that you can’t name someone as your running mate if they’re not eligible to be President. But many would argue this still doesn’t actually preclude Obama because he’s only ineligible from being elected.

But it would be silly to make Obama as Biden’s VP and open up a massive constitutional can of worms that will likely be settled by a Republican Supreme Court. The easier decision would be to simply name Michelle Obama as Biden’s running mate. Buzz has been growing around Michelle for a while now, and while I don’t personally understand the buzz, the buzz is there nonetheless.

But there are no constitutional questions about Michelle Obama’s eligibility to serve as VP and potentially President. And Dems would have Barack Obama involved without actually putting him in an official government position. Making Michelle Obama the running mate is much easier.

Beyond Michelle Obama, people have mentioned Hillary, which is hilarious. Biden would be dead of “natural causes” within three months of taking office. Or he’d “commit suicide,” as so many people who stand in the Clintons’ way tend to do.

I’ve seen Susan Rice’s name mentioned, and the betting markets see Kamala Harris as the overall favorite. This is as of 7/15:

Not a single male on the list (although some would debate Michelle Obama). The Democrats have gone full Identity Politics, and gender is now not only a qualification, but the qualification. Job experience? Boring. What really stands out on a resume is being a woman–and even better if you’re a Woman of Color.

We should be getting the running mate announcement soon. I went back and looked to see when past presidential campaigns have made their running mate selections, and the earliest announcement was Trump choosing Pence on July 16, 2016. The latest was McCain choosing Palin on August 29, 2008. So probably in the next month we will see Biden’s campaign make their choice for President Regent–I mean running mate.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and marvel at how much damage the Democrats have been able to do to democracy in America in such a short time. They rigged the Dem primary against Sanders (again) and forced Biden as the nominee. They are now pushing for mail-in voting to enable rampant vote fraud. In 2018, they introduced “ballot harvesting” in California to steal 7 Congressional seats.

And Democratic governors and mayors have, with the cover of the compliant media, deliberately mismanaged the coronavirus knowing Trump would get the blame for it. They allowed their cities to be burned down and for race riots to spread across the country for weeks on end, although I think that will backfire on them in the form of an even angrier Silent White Majority that sees the country being taken from them in front of their eyes.

And on top of all this, the Democrats’ Presidential candidate is an obvious figurehead who will not be calling the shots if and when he is elected. They’re using Biden as a Trojan Horse to get a radical minority woman in as the “shadow President,” and at that point the Biden administration will begin an assault on Trump’s America (aka White America) the likes of which have never been seen before.

That’s the plan. I hate to break it down in explicitly racial terms but rural white America is the only part of the country the Democrats don’t have control of. Mostly-white Trump supporters are the ones still not on-board with the globalist Uniparty agenda, and so they must be brought to heel.

It’s about power. Racial tensions are the means to that end. The Democrats have created, stoked, and poured lighter fluid on black rage, and now the Democrats plan to use that anti-white sentiment to destroy anyone remaining in the country that is not on-board with their radical agenda. Joe Biden, the Trojan Horse, is the key to it all.

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