‘Bout Time: Trump Sends Federal Agents to Hellhole Cities to Round Up Antifa Instigators

The lefty media/establishment is irate, but the Silent Majority is very happy:


First of all, they’re not “protesters.” They’re violent criminals who deserve everything that’s coming to them.

Second of all, does the ACLU think that people are going to recoil in horror at reading that? I had the exact opposite reaction. I–and much of the country–am sick of seeing constant chaos and violence. At this point I am ready to support just about any and every action Trump takes against Antifa.

New York Times thought this headline would deliver the death blow to Trump by finally providing the smoking gun that Trump is, in fact, a Fascist Dictator. But in reality, the Silent Majority has been waiting to read a headline like this for almost two months:


I want to see these rotten bastards crushed by any means necessary. The government just designated Antifa as a terrorist group, so let’s see them get treated like terrorists.

If Trump has to become a dictator to get this country back under control, I am honestly at the point where I’d be okay with that. Maybe the quarantine is getting to me, or because Trump has nothing to lose given that his critics are going to call him a dictator no matter what–I want to see “fire and fury.”

Obviously the Democratic governors and mayors and city officials aren’t going to stop this chaos. So Trump has to send in the federal agents.

And I hope he’s sending in the meanest, roughest, baddest SOBs we have.

You can’t just allow shit like this to happen for seven straight weeks without any attempt by local law enforcement to get it under control.

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