Desperate to silence him, NYTimes prepares to dox Tucker Carlson

This is how afraid the Ruling Elite is of Tucker Carlson:

The New York Times is trying to dox Tucker so that the worst kinds of people know where his wife and children sleep.

They want to bully Tucker into being silent by putting his family in danger.

We are ruled by straight-up gangsters and they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

I always say, though, that their increasing brazenness and thuggery is a byproduct of their increasing desperation and instability.


UPDATE: After Carlson’s segment on this story the NYT was working on, the NYT quickly denied Carlson’s claims. Then, the bluechecks considered the NYT’s denial sufficient proof that Tucker made the claim up out of thin air, and called him a liar who was trying to distract from a (bullshit) lawsuit against several Fox News personalities including Carlson, Hannity and Ed Henry (Henry was fired earlier this month).

According to Hollywood Reporter, the part of the lawsuit that pertains to Tucker: “She says that Carlson once probed to see whether she’d be interested in a sexual relationship.”

Seriously. That’s the extent to which Carlson is mentioned. This is directly from the lawsuit:


Even if this is true (and it’s not, but we’ll get to that in a second), isn’t this a matter of her own judgement that Carlson made a pass at her? Couldn’t Carlson plausibly argue that she interpreted his words all wrong?

And if that situation described above constitutes sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, then men now can’t even try to hit on women without risking a lawsuit. If you can’t even be subtle about it, then men shouldn’t even talk to women anymore. It’s just not worth it with this hair-trigger standard.

Isn’t the point of sexual harassment laws to make women feel safer in the workplace? Because in no way, shape or form is this lawsuit about “safety.” If what the lawsuit against Tucker is alleging constitutes “sexual harassment,” then sexual harassment is no longer about protecting women; it’s about destroying men.

However, it turns out the lawsuit can’t even get its dates right. This thread on Twitter shows the inconsistencies in the lawsuit’s account. The plaintiff alleges that the “incident” with Carlson happened after her last appearance on his show and just before the Fox News employee Christmas party. The problem: the plaintiff’s last appearance on Carlson’s show was December 28th, 2018, a night where Mark Steyn filled-in for Carlson:

Not only that, but the Fox News employee Christmas party was December 10, 2018, as you can see from the date on the tweet above. And the plaintiff (“The Liberal Sherpa”) never appeared on Tucker’s show the night of Dec. 10, 2018:

This allegation against Tucker is complete and utter bullshit. They’re trying to take both him and Hannity down by any means necessary. But mainly Tucker.

And since we already know that Tucker was doxxed in 2018 and had Antifa thugs show up to his house and terrorize his family while he was at work (as he mentions in the video), it makes what he said last night all the more credible.

Add on the fact that the media–including NYT–has been trying to get advertisers to abandon Carlson in order to get him off the air since at least 2018. . .

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 9.56.16 AM.png

. . .oh, imagine that: New York Times on June 18, 2020 promoting the narrative that advertisers were (and should be) “fleeing Tucker Carlson.”

The media is the absolute scum of the earth. They are trying to destroy him, and now they’re gaslighting him (and the rest of us) because he caught on to the scheme.

Here’s the real question:

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 10.21.17 AM

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    Respect to Tucker. Hang in their my friend.

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