These Two Lies Are Destroying America

The great cultural revolution of 2020 is largely based on two lies that millions of Americans unfortunately believe:

  1. Black Lives Matter™️ the organization, or “black lives matter” the affirmation: Normal, TV-watching people think that affirming the obvious fact that “black lives matter” means they have to support Black Lives Matter™ the radical, extremely racist communist group. Black Lives Matter™ the organization has been able to carry out its anti-white, anti-American agenda with impunity because most people are afraid that opposing BLM means people will think they don’t believe black people’s lives matter. The Alinskyites love to disguise their wicked intentions with appealing and unassailable names, it’s one of their oldest tricks.
  2. Systemic racism vs. sporadic racism: the ongoing cultural revolution is entirely justified by the claim that America is systemically racist against black people. In other words, that every institution in America–from politics to business to the legal system to academia to the criminal justice system and everything in between–is deliberately built specifically to oppress black people. All the problems facing and plaguing the black community today were inflicted on them by design. Racism in America is a feature not a bug. And that’s why everything has to be dismantled and rebuilt to favor black people and disfavor whites: as racial justice and punishment. But the reality is that America has no systemic racism. It, like any other place on earth, has sporadic racism, but there is no way to eliminate that. BLM and the media portray instances of sporadic racism as indisputable proof of systemic racism, and use it as justification for anti-white racism and destroying America as we know it.

These are the two of the worst lies being told in America today: that if you believe black Americans’ lives matter, then you must support Black Lives Matter™ the radical, racist communist organization. And that instances of sporadic racism against black people in America are actually proof of widespread, systemic racism against black people.

Those are the two lies that are destroying our country right now.

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