Twitter Bans QAnon

QAnon is a ridiculous and debunked conspiracy theory–but it’s also extremely dangerous and we need to ban all QAnon-associated accounts to make sure nobody on Twitter can ever hear their ideas.

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According to NPR:

“Content associated with QAnon will be banned from the platform’s trends section and tweets sharing links involving QAnon theories will be blocked, Twitter officials said.”

They act like QAnon is self-evidently absurd and only for kooks, but they treat it like it could expose all their deepest, darkest secrets at any moment.

They try to square the circle by saying stuff like, “Even though this is a self-evidently ridiculous conspiracy theory that no sane person would ever in a million years believe, we still have to completely purge it from social media because it spread misinformation which could compel kooks to carry out crimes in real life.”

Okay, if that’s true, then CNN, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest of the media should be immediately banned from television and the internet for spreading misinformation about police brutality and systemic racism that has led to rioting and looting which caused billions of dollars in damage all across the country, and 20+ deaths minimum.

I guess only the media is allowed to spread misinformation which directly causes mass violence and chaos with impunity.

QAnon actually gains tons of credibility because of this ban by Twitter. It means the elite view them as a threat.

Always remember: everything the Elites have done this year has been from a position of weakness, not strength. They would not have needed the riots and the virus if they were confident in their ability to defeat Trump.

They banned QAnon from Twitter because they’re afraid of QAnon. They did this out of desperation.

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  1. markone1blog says:

    It’s a good thing that Jonathan Swift did not depend on Twitter to publicize “A Modest Proposal.”

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