Mandatory Mask Orders = the Govt. Testing to See What it can Force us to Do

Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota and Washington D.C. are requiring face masks when outside “if they will not be able to stay six feet from people who are not members of their own household.

We are now around six months since the virus first arrived on our shores. The masks have not prevented jack shit. This is unbelievably stupid.

At this point, stupidity is the only charitable interpretation of why politicians are forcing people to wear masks. Maybe the politicians think the general public is utterly terrified of 😱🦠 THE VIRUS 🦠 😱and will only feel safe in public if everyone has a mask on. Masks are little more than woobie bwankies for us to cwing to when we feel scawwed of the cowonaviwus.

There’s nothing scientific about it–they don’t specify which types of masks we have to wear. If they did specify we all wear medical KN95 masks, then maybe this would appear more legit. But no, an old bandana around your face is A-OK. It’s purely psychological and meant to reassure people that it’s safe to go outside.

The less charitable interpretation of the mask order is that the ruling class is just trying to see how much they can get away with in terms of forcing us to do stuff. Maybe they think that if they can force us to wear masks, they’ll be able to force us to get vaccines in the coming month.

“No entry without a facemask” could become “no entry without proof of vaccination.”

It’s scary shit, but you can see the logical progression. It’s certainly a big jump from masks to vaccines, but not out of the question. I hope they don’t go that far, but I trust our asshole rulers as far as I can throw them.

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