If the Three Gorges Dam Collapses

This animation shows what would happen if the Three Gorges Dam collapses in central China’s Hubei province (interestingly the province where Wuhan is located… 🤔):


Basically every river will expand massively, every valley along those rivers becomes a lake, every town and city in the path of the river is underwater.

There are also over 30 nuclear power plants that would be in the path of the flooding, not to mention the 70 million+ people who live in the flood’s path that would be directly affected.

Also, the Yangtze River basin area is responsible for over half of China’s agricultural output, meaning countless acres of farmland could be wiped out and massively disrupt the food supply.

The Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric dam in world. Basically what’s happening now is the dam is being placed under extreme stress due to nonstop torrential rain over the past few months. There’s an obvious joke to be made about the quality of Chinese-made products, but if that dam does indeed fail, it won’t be a joking matter.

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