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  1. Max says:

    “Oh I beg to differ — it’s peaceful protesting alright. Obama, Biden, Kerry, and McCain defined
    peaceful protesting at Maidan in 2014, when burning tires, Molotov coaktails, and huge clubs
    were extant. Buildings were burned, one in Odessa with people locked inside. It’s all good, by
    Obama and Biden, McCain. Just “peaceful protesting,” they said, even as many Berkut were
    dosed with petrol and set afire; as no few were murdered. To finish things off, the CIA snipers
    arrived. Thus if snipers arrive in Portland or Seattle, it’s still peaceful protesting for democracy.”

    12 hours ago
    …will never forget the gruesome photographs of the murder victims at the union headquarters in Odessa. There’s no way to top that.”

  2. max says:

    Americans have been duped into thinking that most african americans are racist to the extreme. People outside the U.S. know.

    “A few years ago some tourists from EU(white people) have been lost in South Chicago and black shoothed them.I don’t even want to mention my friend she used to work in some nursing home as CNA and all black people were giving her hard time just for being caucasin.She has nothing to do with American racism, but they forced her to leave her job-asking her if she would like to take it outside of work.They wanted to beat her up. And don’t even tell me blacks are vistims.I know better!”

    1. Max says:

      CORRECTION: are not

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