Wokeness Is Destroying the Military

The US “Space Force” is now clout-chasing for Woke Points on social media:

The Chinese, Russians and Iranians are laughing their asses off at us.

Are we the first Great Power in history that thinks it’s a good thing to have a lot of women in the military?

This is a sign of America’s decline. We are a fundamentally weak nation now. We are feminized, low-self esteem and soft. This country is not America anymore.

Unless the military is pulling some massive Sun Tzu-style deception and appearing weak when we are strong, our military has become a complete joke.

There are certain institutions in America where you have to draw the line and not allow Wokeness to encroach. You can’t let the mentally-ill adult babies have their way and live out their deluded Woke fantasies everywhere in society. There must be institutions where Wokeness is strictly forbidden.

Personally, I think Wokeness is a scourge that should not be tolerated at all. But our weak elites, who have made a habit of bowing to the mobs and appeasing the mobs, have allowed Wokeness to spread, infect and overrun most of our major institutions–the media, academia, Hollywood, corporate America, public schools, and even the Church. Even with all these once-respectable institutions now compromised and corrupted by Wokeness, our country can survive.

But if the military succumbs to Wokeness, we cannot survive that.

The military is perhaps the most important institution where Wokeness must be entirely off-limits. The military needs a zero tolerance policy on Wokeness because Wokeness will destroy our military from the inside out.

If ever there were a situation where delusional Wokeness is going to collide head-on with reality with horrifically disastrous real-world consequences, it’s in the military. The US military defeated the Nazis, the Japanese and the German Empire, but it will not defeat Wokeness. Wokeness will be the death of the US military.

Wokeness on college campuses is bad, but it’s not an existential threat to America as a whole. Wokeness in the military, on the other hand, absolutely is a mortal threat to the country.

Play your stupid games on campus, but not in the military.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about: even though I personally think women aren’t pursuing STEM careers because they generally don’t give a shit about science/engineering/math, we have allowed the Woke Feminists to dictate the narrative and declare that STEM fields are Systemically Biased against Women, and that this is an Injustice, and that we need to get more women in STEM jobs Because Equality™️. The country is not going to collapse if we let the Woke Feminists have their way and promote more women in STEM jobs.

We can survive that.

But we cannot survive the Woke Feminists declaring that we need more women on the front lines of the military Because Equality™️. We cannot survive the military putting Wokeness ahead of common sense and putting trannies on the front lines.

We also cannot survive the Woke Mobs defunding the police because in their insane delusional brains, the police exist exclusively to kill innocent black people, and provide no benefit to society at all.

One of the most underrated stories of the past few years is the disgraceful Wokeness of many top military brass. Think of traitors like Lt. Col. Vindman, whose raging Trump Derangement Syndrome drove him to betray his country. Even Mattis, who most people (including myself) thought was a badass, is actually a total SJW:

The days of hardass, no-bullshit, cigar-chomping rightwing military generals are long gone. Our military brass is not full of men like Patton, MacArthur, Pershing and Schwarzkopf anymore.

Now we have guys like David Petraeus, who had an affair with his biographer and wound up sharing a bunch of classified information with her.

We won’t survive this. Having a strong military is the only reason us civilians can play our silly little partisan games. It’s why we have the luxury of complaining about Fake Problems like “police brutality” and “gender equality”. Due to the military making things so good for us, we have to literally make up problems to obsess over.

Wokeness will destroy the military, which will in turn destroy the country, upon which point, ironically, we will have much bigger problems to worry about–such as survival–and Wokeness will be rendered obsolete. For instance, do you think they have Wokeness in the Congo? No, they don’t have time to be Woke. They’re too preoccupied with the multiple civil wars that are ravaging their nation.

Wokeness plants the seeds of its own eventual demise, which is good news. The bad news is that Wokeness’ demise means the country’s demise. It’s going to be a long, long process of reclaiming our country’s institutions from Wokeness. But the military has to be the first priority.

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