No, Trump is Not Trying to Delay the Election


Now obviously anyone with a brain who thinks for themselves and has a healthy distrust of the media would hear this and think, “B.S.”

But the media relies on people who are already programmed to believe their lies. That’s why the media is able to get people to believe this outlandish nonsense about Trump.

It feels like every day the media is lying to stoke some artificial anti-Trump rage. And it works, too. Just look in Trump’s replies on Twitter. Just look on social media at all the shrieking brainwashed hordes who will believe anything they hear about Trump. It’s like these people are addicted to rage, and they enjoy having a cow over every little thing the media tells them Trump does.

For the past four years, they’ve existed in a perpetual state of ANGER and DISBELIEF over this ORANGE FASCIST RACIST FASCIST in the White House–at least what the media tells them about the ORANGE FASCIST RACIST FASCIST in the White House. For many of them, screaming about Trump online has become the purpose of their whole lives.

But on this one, Trump did give the media somewhat of a reason to publish sensational and hyperbolic, even if Trump was clearly and obviously trolling. Here’s his tweet:

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.16.02 AM.png

Now, his critics interpreted his tweet in the worst possible light. Their response was completely over-the-top and unwarranted. But Trump didn’t do himself any favors.

He’s making the point that if, as the Democrats are claiming, due to the virus, we are apparently not able to have a normal election with in-person voting, and we have to rely on this horribly shoddy mail-in voting system, which makes it incredibly easy to cheat, then maybe we should just delay the election until we can have a safe and secure election free of fraud.

In fact, he was tweeting all day about how disgraceful the mail-in voting process is. He pointed out the New York primary from last month which has been a complete mess and the results are still not even fully clear:

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.30.31 AM

He tweeted this video from a news station in Philadelphia that found some serious problems with mail-in voting:

He had a few more tweets yesterday about the perils of mail-in voting:

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.15.40 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.12.57 AM

He even clarified his remarks during his press conference today (53:33 mark):

As usual, everything the Dems accuse Trump of, they themselves are invariably guilty of. They’re the ones who are trying to steal the election by way of the easily-defrauded mail-in voting process, and Trump is calling them on it.

All they’re doing right now is flipping the script and trying to put Trump on defense. They’re trying to distract from how many legitimate problems mail-in voting creates.

He is 100% right about mail-in voting. He’s also right that we should not have an election until we can be assured that it isn’t vulnerable to massive fraud.

But of course, this is the whole point of the Coronavirus Plannedemic: to make it easier for the Democrats to steal the election by giving them an excuse to massively expand the easily-defrauded system of mail-in voting.

The problem is that Republicans just complain, while Democrats cheat. Republicans lost six Congressional seats in California because the Democrats used the ballot harvesting technique. Republicans just complained and expected someone else to do something about that.

News flash, Republicans: nobody is going to come to the rescue. It’s just you vs. the Democrats. If they’re going to cheat, you’re going to have to either stop them or even the playing field by cheating as well.

Maybe we should throw our morals out the window like Democrats have done.

If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin.

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