Rep. Gohmert: I’m Taking Hydroxychloroquine to Treat My Coronavirus

Wow, it’s almost as if Trump & Co. keep pushing HCQ because it’s safe and effective, not because they’re Science Deniers™️:

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

What does the media have to say now?

A Republican Congressman trusts HCQ so much he’s taking it himself.

“Oh he’s just politicizing it!”

Pretty sure it was the media and the Democratic politicians that “politicized” HCQ by opposing it on purely political grounds once Trump first started talking about it back in March.

I never understood all these people that get really angry when Trump touts HCQ.

Seriously, what is the thought process of the HCQ Deniers? Why do they believe Trump is pushing a false, discredited and potentially dangerous cure?

Because he wants to harm Americans?

I really don’t get it. What does Trump gain from tricking people into taking a false cure?

Or do they think Trump is just really dumb because he “doesn’t trust Experts™️”–y’know, people like Dr. Fauci, who won’t even say if 20,000-strong BLM protests increase the spread of the virus.

Maybe they’re the ones who are really dumb given that they’re rejecting the cure for the virus that has had them cowering in fear for 4 straight months solely because that cure comes on the recommendation of President Trump.

Would these people rather die of coronavirus than take a cure that Trump will get credit for promoting early on?

I don’t want the cure if it proves the Evil Orange correct!”

People: the “Experts” you blindly trust are not looking out for you. They’re not warning you against taking HCQ because it doesn’t work. They’re fearmongering about HCQ because it does work.

They want to suppress the cure to make the pandemic numbers look as bad as possible for Trump, and to ensure Big Pharma/Bill Gates gets a monopoly on the vaccine.

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