Minneapolis Police: We Give Up

This could be a tactic by the police in response to the threat of being defunded, or maybe it’s because the city simply won’t let the police do what needs to be done to keep the peace and stop crime.

Either way, it’s disturbing that a major American city is basically saying, “we have lost control, the criminals are in charge now.”

“When you go outside, be prepared to give up your phone and wallet.”

This is a city that is choosing to neglect its most basic function: law and order. And it’s not because they can’t, it’s because they are making the conscious choice not to in the name of “anti-racism.” If police are disproportionately arresting black people, it must be because the police are racist. And the racists have gotta go! So state-sanctioned anarchy is the new reality.

Again, I think this could be the police sending a message to the residents of Minneapolis to show them what life is like when you defund the police.

But either way, crime is way up. At its most basic level, government exists to ensure the peaceful folk can live, love, work, play and prosper. This is why we tolerate politicians.

When a government purposely neglects its most basic obligation, like this, it completely loses all legitimacy. How can the City of Minneapolis even ask people to pay their taxes at this point?

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