China Wants Biden to Win

Let me preface this by saying I think all of this “foreign meddling in our election” stuff is a load of crap. It’s all designed by our intelligence community–which we now know cannot be trusted–to delegitimize the election result in the event Trump wins.

I’m sorry but there’s no way a foreign country is altering the outcome of our election. It’s just not possible. So this talk is all designed to create panic and hysteria.

Which is why you see the blue checks excitedly tweeting out stuff like this:

However, they ignore this part of the report:

The whole thing can be found here.

As I’ve gone over before, China is a far greater threat to the US than Russia. It’s not even close.

The media, of course, doesn’t publicize this information because they’re in China’s pocket.


  1. Max says:

    China, along with the one world commies, want Trump out.

    China was on the verge of taking over the world and they were not doing it militarily.

    China stopped all flights from Wuhan internally but continued flights to the U.S. and Europe with full knowledge of the virus. Thus seeding said areas.
    Trump should of done what Vietnam and Thailand did asap but the commies applied threat pressure using the race card. Vietnam and to some extent Thailand do not consider the race card when making important decisions. Period.

    The virus was extremely dangerous at inception in Dec/Jan. 17% DR. This is why some chinese doctor’s risked their lives to sound the alarm. They were silenced.

    Too little too late for the U.S. The extremely contagious virus, which has lost it’s potency, spread. The commie order has been using it for evil purposes even though the virus is now less lethal than the flu.

    .The commie order had slowly been pushing people toward a non-social(real world) existance which allowed for more control of the populace through “technology”. “Isn’t technology wonderful” has been the catch phrase. Data mining, psyops, management are weapons to control. The desire for power and control is as old as dirt.

    Trump is a fly in their ointment and thus the veil has been lifted on much of the end game. These events reflect some panic on the part of Sauron.

    1. Max says:

      ^non-social(blue pill world) instead of a real life, social contact, reality based world..

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