Trump Trolls Idiot Reporter, Reporter Doesn’t Even Realize He’s Being Trolled

This CNN reporter cannot handle it:


He then descends further into madness, still completely unaware that Trump is trolling him:

Boy, it’s a real head-scratcher why the American people despise “journalists” these days.

I bet this guy thinks he really nailed Trump. He has no idea that Trump couldn’t possibly care less about him and his incessant nagging.

Nowadays “journalists” are little more than joyless tattletales who live to get people Canceled for old tweets, “insensitive remarks” and violating mask orders.

So much JournoSpeak, too:


“In recent days”

“But the NJ governor said…”

A lot of these reporters’ biggest problem is that they just take themselves so damn seriously. They’re so far up their own asses they’ve forgotten what “humor” is.

Mocking and ridicule are the best weapons against these self-absorbed fartsniffers. They only have power if we take them as seriously as they take themselves.

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