Kurt Schlichter on Why It’s Not Crazy to Believe the Polls are Rigged

He just published a piece called “The Tide Turns Toward Trump,” and as the kids say, it goes in:

“You hear from such unimpeachable sources as human potato-employing CNN that Trump is down 15 points and you wonder where all those people who switched from voting patriot to voting Squad minion are. I have yet to meet one – in all my shameless virtual book promoting around the country over the last month, I’ve interacted with a lot of folks and I have met many people who were all, “Yeah, I did not vote for him last time because Trump’s tweets make me sad as I’m kind of soft, but I can’t vote for the communists’ Trojan Donkey.” 

In contrast, the number of people I have met who told me, “Yeah, I voted for Trump and love his conservative achievements, but he’s mean to dumb people on Twitter so I have to vote for Charley UnMcCarthyite” is zero. As in zip. Nada. The number of conservative successes achieved by the insufferable Never Trump Fredocons in the two decades before Trump came along and broke and humiliated them. None.

Where are all these vote switchers? And where are all the conservatives picking up the phone during dinner and saying, “Why yes, I am delighted to talk to you as my rib-eye chills, total stranger, and yes, I strongly support the guy the cultural elite considers to be literally Hitler”? We talk about the Silent Majority and the Shy Trump Voter, but it’s more like the “Kiss my Schumer, you’ll find out what I think in November, jerk” voter.

Here’s the best part:

“But it’s not just that few of us answer polls. It’s that there’s no reason to believe the polls aren’t rigged. Now, am I contending that the polls are consciously manipulated by media outlets and others to artificially depress Trump’s popularity in order to demoralize conservatives and keep them from voting since it is a lost cause?


The media lies about things right in front of us – “peaceful protestors” anyone? – so what’s stopping them from lying about things that are already opaque like poll results? “Oh well, we’ll gladly invent a Russian conspiracy theory out of whole cloth and cheerlead people being imprisoned and an election being overturned so our political allies can retake power, but we draw the line at tweaking poll numbers. I’ve got muh principles, damnit!”

If you’re wondering whether the polls are rigged, just ask yourself whether you’d put it past the media to do something like that?

Of course not. They’ve done way worse than rigging the polls. So why would they have any hesitation to rig the polls? That’s child’s play for them. The “Russian Collusion lie” was 10x worse than rigging the polls.

And don’t even get me started on the things they do to little kids.

If you think they’re “above” rigging the polls, then you haven’t been paying attention. Stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt. They’re horrible, dishonest, power-hungry villains who will stop at nothing to retake the power that they feel entitled to.

Yes, they are rigging the polls. They rigged the polls in 2016, they’re doing it again.

They are pulling out all the stops to beat Trump. They’re cornered and desperate.

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