Hmmm: CARES Act Paid Hospitals With COVID Patients Over $21 Billion, $77k per Patient

The government is “incentivizing” (i.e. bribing) hospitals to inflate their COVID patient numbers. It’s part of the CARES Act:


That first round of $12 billion to 400 hospitals comes out to $30 million per hospital, so long as the hospital reported 100 or more COVID patients.

How did they calculate that figure? They started with a baseline of nearly $77,000 per COVID patient and then just multiplied it by the number of patients:


More reason not to trust the official case figures.

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  1. Max says:

    100,000 deaths happened SO fast from so few yet they are struggling to get to 200,000 deaths with MANY more infected along with double counting deaths.

    Why is nobody asking the OBVIOUS question? This should not be difficult.

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