Bill Gates on a Mandatory COVID Vaccine: “You might say that if you’re going to have any exposure to elderly people, it would be required.”

Bloomberg posted a brief interview with Bill Gates in which he was asked whether or not the COVID vaccine, when it finally arrives, should be made mandatory. This was his answer:


If you’re going to have any exposure to elderly people, it would be required.

Am I reading this correctly? Bill Gates doesn’t want to let people see their grandparents unless they’ve been vaccinated?

As for the good news, Gates, who nobody elected but is apparently the be-all, end-all of everything related to Coronavirus, says “we’ll get out of this by the end of 2021”:


Perfect. We’ll just stay locked down for the next 16 months. Maybe if we’re lucky–since we live in a “rich country”–we’ll be out of it by next July.

Meanwhile, 11% of Americans “seriously considered suicide” in the month of June due to the lockdowns and the fact that their whole lives were flipped upside down:


A third of Americans said they had anxiety and/or depression.

Phil Kerpen is right. The lockdowns are inhumane.

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