Does Cannon Hinnant’s Life Matter?

Many of you have probably seen this by now:


I first saw this story on social media several days ago, and I sort of ignored it because it was so horrible in every conceivable way. I didn’t want to think about it and dwell on it. A five-year-old white boy shot and killed by a 25-year-old black man, who happened to be his neighbor, in an apparent random act of violence. The motive is unknown, but honestly, who would be surprised if it was a deranged “Justice for George Floyd” situation that the media just refuses to acknowledge due to the fact that the media caused it? Maybe it could have been a disagreement with the father. Nothing, obviously excuses it or makes it any less shocking.

The total media blackout of the story, though, was almost as soul-crushing as the murder itself: the fact that such an unspeakably horrible thing can happen to a white family and the media in this country will completely ignore it. So much for white privilege. If “white privilege” were a real thing, the media would be obsessed with this story for weeks on end. There would be rioting and looting coast-to-coast for months.

The media’s silence is complicity. They don’t care when white people are killed by black people, and we should assume it’s because they think White Lives Don’t Matter.

And unlike the George Floyd death, which the media pretended was part of a larger epidemic, the Cannon Hinnant murder is one of many such cases:


In 2018, the most recent year we have crime data available, there were 514 black-on-white homicides compared to 234 white-on-black homicides. This despite the fact that there there are far more white people in the country.

There were more than 2x as many black-on-white homicides in 2018 than there were white-on-black homicides, despite the fact that there are 4.6x more white people than black people in the country.

Does anyone doubt that the media’s continual stoking of black rage and anti-white resentment through lies and propaganda is not a major driver behind this? If the media responded to black-on-white homicides with even a tenth of the outrage they respond to white-on-black, maybe the former wouldn’t be so prevalent.

Compare the prevalence of black-on-white homicide to the alleged “epidemic” that the media chooses to focus on, unarmed black people killed by the police: since 2015, there have been 55 unarmed, non-fleeing black people killed by police.


More than 10x more white people were killed by black people in 2018 alone than there were unarmed, non-fleeing black people killed by the police over the past five-plus years.

And yet the media forces the “police brutality” narrative down our throats.

Matt Walsh has more on the media’s complete refusal to cover this story:

“It will be argued that this crime wasn’t racially motivated, which is supposed to make it less relevant to the general public. But even if I agreed with the premise that non-racially motivated crimes aren’t as relevant (and I don’t) and even if it’s true that Cannon’s murder wasn’t motivated by race (we don’t know at this point), this argument still doesn’t wash because Michael Brown wasn’t a racially motivated killing. Neither was Freddie Gray. Or Eric Garner. Or George Floyd. Or, really, any of the famous homicide or alleged homicide cases from the last decade or so. None of them have had any proven link to racism. Yet these victims are also household names.”

They were automatically presumed to be linked to racism. And the media presented them as such without explicitly saying so. But with Cannon Hinnant, we could only say the media downplayed the racial aspect of it if the media had actually covered it at all.

“As a last ditch attempt at obfuscation, it will be said that this crime isn’t on video, thus making it less sensational and giving it less viral potential. It is sad if murder is looked at this way these days — as mere content to be consumed — but I concede that this is in fact how the media views the subject. But there was no video of Trayvon Martin. There was no video of Freddie Gray. And on the other side, I can think of plenty of sensational murders that were caught on video yet received very little coverage. Daniel Shaver, the white Arizona man killed by cops while on his knees begging for his life. Or how about Brittany Hill, the black Chicago mother gunned down by gang members while holding her baby? That is one of the most shocking crimes ever to be caught on camera, and yet the national media has said little about it. 

There simply is no explanation for the way these various incidents are treated, other than the most disgraceful and infuriating one — the national media is specifically interested in fueling a certain racial narrative, and they will make the intentional editorial decision to blacklist or downplay any story that interferes with it.”

Yep. This is why the media is the enemy of the people. There is no way this story could help Joe Biden get elected, so it’s ignored. In fact, if this story was widely publicized in the media, it would probably help Trump get elected, so it’s more than ignored: it’s buried.

But beyond that, the media’s policy of White Lives Don’t Matter directly results in white people being slaughtered. The media not only excuses but encourages anti-white racism. That’s why Cannon Hinnant was murdered.


  1. I appreciate your good work and writing.

    1. Hohenzollern says:

      Thank you. I appreciate you reading!

  2. Max says:

    “so horrible in every conceivable way. I didn’t want to think about it”

    Yes, but it get’s worse. The media was supporting the horrible George Floyd killings/riots even though Floyd was a serial criminal with a medical condition.

    Now, when there is a horric crime which is truly based on race and involves killing an innocent child, the media brushes it under the rug.

    Think about how that the next time you have a beer.

    Their passive aggressive evil knows no bounds. Call it what it is.

    “Open war is upon you”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Crimes against people are committed everyday. This was a horrific crime. The difference is the the guy was arrested and apprehended immediately and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He’s going to receive justice unlike the black victims who received partial justice or no justice.This is what the movement is about and you either are ignoring the difference or don’t care about the difference.

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