Misinformed Voters Are the Single Greatest Threat to the United States

Scott Adams had a good idea this morning: the Low-Information Voter test. It’s a simple test to see if someone has been brainwashed by the media, and therefore due to the fact that they are so disconnected from reality, probably should not be allowed to vote (although he himself didn’t say they shouldn’t vote; it’s implied.)

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Here are some of his questions:

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Problem is, Scott Adams is conflating “low-information voters” with “misinformed voters.” The harsher way of putting it would be “dumb voters” vs. “brainwashed voters.”

And while both are bad for the country, brainwashed voters are far more of an existential threat to the country. Because brainwashed/misinformed voters believe they’re well-informed and that they have it all figured out. They get angry when confronted with viewpoints and even verifiable facts that run counter to the lies they have been led to believe. They dig-in, double-down and attack the messenger when they experience cognitive dissonance.

Instead of getting mad at the media for misinforming them, they get mad at the person who made them experience cognitive dissonance.

The evil genius of the media is that they’ve tied being misinformed with morality. In other words, they are able to brainwash people because they make people believe that A. they’re not brainwashed, and B. they’re good people for believing the things they do.

For example, the “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Michael Brown slogan was a total lie, yet it spread so quickly and so far because people wanted to believe it. People recognized on some level that it was socially desirable to do so. To believe Michael Brown was an innocent victim of not only a racist police officer but a racist criminal justice system was to be in alignment with the prevailing moral standards as defined by the media, Hollywood and other cultural elites.

You were seen as a bad person if you pointed out that A. Michael Brown was not innocent, B. Michael Brown was not targeted because of his race, and C. He never said “Hands up, don’t shoot” to the officer. Those things were all facts, yet anyone who pointed them out was considered Bad and Racist.

It’s not even about truth vs. falsehood anymore. People want to believe the media’s falsehoods because they want to be seen as good people by society at large. It’s why people still sympathized with Jussie Smollett after he was shown to be a complete liar: because he was lying for a “good cause.”

They didn’t care about finding the truth in the Michael Brown case. They cared about the feelings of moral righteousness they got from supporting Michael Brown. Believing the lie made them feel good about themselves.

This is why people would call you racist for critizing Barack Obama: merely by being the First Black President, he was automatically presumed to be a good president. If you criticized his record and his actions, you were seen as a racist. People didn’t care about the facts. They didn’t care about his actions or his record. They cared about being seen as Not Racist for supporting Obama. They had no interest in debating facts.

At least with uninformed people there’s hope of them being swayed by facts. There’s also hope that their instincts are true and uncorrupted and cause them to vote the right way.

Brainwashed people are a far greater problem.

Here are a few questions of my own for the Brainwashed Voter Test in addition to the questions Adams came up with:

  1. Do you believe that Joe Biden is mentally fit to be the President?
  2. Did Joe Biden, as Vice President, threaten to withhold military aid money from the Ukraine until the prosecutor investigating his son was fired?
  3. Which President involved the US in more wars: Donald Trump or Barack Obama?
  4. Which country do you believe is a greater threat to the US: Russia or China?
  5. Which drugs did George Floyd test positive for during his autopsy?
  6. What was George Floyd’s official cause of death?
  7. Were the officers that had custody of George Floyd when he died arrested?
  8. How many unarmed, non-fleeing black people have been killed by police since 2015? Is the number higher or lower than 10,000?
  9. Do you believe the Coronavirus has killed more or less than 10% of the US population?
  10. What is the US population?
  11. Do you believe it’s possible to oppose Black Lives Matter™ the political activism group while still believing that the lives of black Americans do, in fact, matter?
  12. Do you believe that Antifa is primarily concerned with opposing fascism, or with causing mayhem and chaos in major cities as well as attacking and intimidating those deemed enemies of the Political Elite?
  13. Do you believe that slavery is a uniquely American evil?
  14. Do you know the difference between absentee voting and mail-in voting?
  15. Do you believe it’s racist to expect voters to show ID at their polling place?
  16. Other than becoming the First Black President, what was President Barack Obama’s greatest accomplishment?
  17. How many genders are there?

We could also quiz people to see if they’re aware of all the “racist” comments Joe Biden has made in the past.

I could go on and on here. But you get the point. If you have any questions you think should also be asked to find out if someone is brainwashed, comment them below.

The media’s job is to spread disinformation and propaganda. Its sole purpose is to build a false/alternate reality for as many Americans as possible, because once in that false/alternate reality, people are exponentially more likely to vote Democrat.

Media disinformation is the greatest threat to America. Virtually any problem you can think of in America, the true cause of it–the root cause–is media disinformation.

Why does it feel like the country is falling apart and on the verge of civil war? Because of the media’s lies about race, and the media’s lies about Donald Trump.

One of the biggest myths out there is that we need as many people voting as possible. That could not be further from the truth.

We need as many informed people voting as possible.

We need as few misinformed Americans voting as possible.

Media disinformation and propaganda is the single greatest threat to America. Our brainwashed fellow countrymen will destroy this country simply by voting the way they were programmed to vote much faster than any of our foreign rivals ever could.

If you can’t answer 90% of the questions above correctly, you should not be voting. In fact, your voting represents a mortal threat to the United States.

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