USPS Endorses Biden, Undermines Whole Idea of Mail-In Voting

We’re told Trump is intentionally knee-capping the USPS because he wants to undermine its ability to handle the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots in this year’s election.

But then the USPS goes and endorses Trump’s opponent Joe Biden:

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 1.01.52 PM.png

Wait a minute. How are we supposed to trust the USPS won’t throw out ballots from pro-Trump areas now that they’ve endorsed Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden?

This is third-world politics right here. The Democrats are making a massive push for mail-in voting–because of 🦠😱THE VIRUS 🦠😱–and now the postal service has endorsed the Democratic candidate for President.

This is blatant Election Interference™.

They’re rigging the election before our eyes. 🦠😱THE VIRUS 🦠😱 made it so Joe Biden didn’t have to campaign, and now 🦠😱THE VIRUS 🦠😱 is their excuse for universal mail-in voting, which the pro-Biden USPS will be in charge of.

America is now a first-world/third-world hybrid country. The Democrats are full-fledged gangsters who barely even try to hide their corruption anymore.

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