Kamala Harris When Asked About Calling Joe Biden a Racist in 2019: “It Was a Debate!”

Remember last week when I wrote about this? About how she could accuse Joe Biden of being a segregationist and then become his running mate, and how it proves the Democrats don’t mean a word of what they say about racism and oppression?

Steven Colbert asked her how she could do a complete 180 and become “pals” with Joe Biden after calling him a segregationist during the Primary debate last year, and all she could do was keep repeating “It was a DEBATE! It was a DEBATE!”

As in, “Yeah, whatever. I only said that stuff to get a rise out of the crowd.”

There is something seriously wrong with this woman. She cackles like a maniac, endlessly. Like, well past the point where a normal person would’ve stopped laughing. She just keeps cackling and cackling and cackling to the point where it becomes uncomfortable.

Kamala Harris has BIG TIME evil stepmom energy.


  1. I swear, she’s Hillary with a tan.

    1. Hohenzollern says:

      She might be worse, honestly. It’s a tough call though.

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