Meanwhile, in Wuhan China…

Via AFP News:

“Thousands of partygoers packed out a water park over the weekend in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus first emerged late last year, keen to party as the city edges back to normal life.”

And not a mask was seen among them:



Look at the scale of this thing:


One more:


Meanwhile, we’re still locked down, wearing masks while driving by ourselves.

I think the virus is real. But it has been massively overhyped by Western Media, who seized on it as a way to disrupt the election.

We’ve been saying for months that China’s coronavirus figures are completely fudged.

But what if China’s figures were accurate, and ours are fudged? What if the virus just isn’t anywhere near as bad as they say it is?

Wuhan was Ground Zero for the virus. And now it looks like that.

We’ve been lied to. This doesn’t add up.

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