DNC Ratings Down 50% Compared to 2016

Now, this may be a product of the different circumstances, what with the convention being being downsized and carried out primarily via video conference. But still, you’d expect that with more people stuck at home, this would be a bigger draw given the lack of alternative things to do for many people:


The first night of the 2016 DNC drew 11.6m viewers, while last night’s DNC drew only 5.8m viewers.

Is this a harbinger of bad things for Biden–namely an utter lack of enthusiasm–or is it a product of the unique circumstances of 2020?

We’ll have more clarity when we the GOP convention happens and we can compare its ratings vs. 2016’s.

But there’s no way this can be spun as a good thing for Biden.

The signs are there that Democrats are in trouble. In fact, the only thing they seem to have going for them is the polls, but given the fact that all the other signs are pointing to a Trump win, it casts major doubt on the legitimacy of the polls–and the polling firms themselves.

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