Photo of Bill Clinton Getting Back Massage From Epstein Victim Surfaces After 18 Years

Via the Daily Mail:

“Bill Clinton is seen enjoying a neck massage from a Jeffrey Epstein victim in never-before-seen photographs obtained exclusively by Clinton sits comfortably and laughs as Chauntae Davies, then a 22-year-old massage therapist, rubs her hands into his shoulders.”

Davies, who has claimed she was raped by Epstein after being recruited by Maxwell, said Clinton was a ‘complete gentleman’ on the trip as she described how the encounter occurred.”

Maybe Clinton was a “complete gentleman” to her. But it still doesn’t excuse the fact this guy clearly spent a lot of time with Jeffrey Epstein.


It’s interesting that this photo, which was taken in 2002, surfaced now, during the DNC:

“The pictures are an ill-timed reminder of Clinton’s links to Epstein as the former President, 72, prepares to endorse Joe Biden tonight at the Democratic Convention.”

Ill-timed? Or well-timed?

This had to come from the White House, or someone aligned with the President, no?

The timing is just too perfect.



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