WHat is the NY Post Implying Here?

Are they saying this means he deserved to get beaten half to death?

Here’s a brief excerpt of the story:

The driver who was beaten unconscious by a Black Lives Matter mob in Portland shared an anti-George Floyd post on Facebook hours before the assault.

The post appeared on Adam Haner’s Facebook page Sunday evening, referring to the police-involved death of Floyd and the fatal shooting of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant in North Carolina.

“George Floyd was a 46-year old felon, high on Fentanyl, and he got 4 televised funerals and 70 days of riots,” the post reads. “What does 5-year old Cannon Hinnant get?”

Hours later, video shows Black Lives Matter protesters yanking Haner out of his white Ford 4×4 truck and beating him.

The protesters claimed Haner tried to hit them with his truck — but witnesses said he was trying to help a transgender woman from being mugged by the group.

Does it matter that this man posted an “anti-George Floyd meme” before he was brutally assaulted by BLM? What does that have anything to do with anything?

Unless the NYPost believes people should be subject to violent beatdowns for going against the mainstream media-approved political views.

George Floyd had a disturbing criminal history and, as noted above, was high on fentanyl and amphetamines at the time of his death. We were told none of that was relevant and he still didn’t deserve to die. So why is the NY Post implying that Adam Haner deserved to get Reginald Denny’d for daring to diverge from the media narrative on St. George Floyd?

The media has so much blood on their hands. How much violence and mayhem have they caused just this year due to their brainwashing and lies?


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