Biden/Harris: Get Out There And Riot For Jacob Blake, People!

Because it is now a full-scale national crisis anytime a black person is shot by police, the Biden campaign released this statement on the (as of now non-lethal) shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin yesterday:

“We must dismantle systemic racism.” “We must fight…”

They are trying to provoke looting and rioting. They automatically assume the police were in the wrong, they automatically assume it was RACISM–they want chaos and unrest. They want this country divided by race.

Of course they left this line in here and I’m sure it slipped past plenty of people: “Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back as police tried to restrain him from getting into his vehicle.”

Uh, he was disobeying police orders. He was not allowed to get into his vehicle. What Jacob Blake was doing was called “resisting arrest”. He was blatantly doing the opposite of the police orders. I know it’s racist that black people have to follow the law and obey the police, but those are the rules for now.

Here is the video:

Police are trying to get him to stop, he has zero regard for their commands, and then he goes into his car and appeared to be reaching for something, which could have been a gun, so cops shot him. Cops have to make split second decisions like this all the time. Most of them would rather be safe than sorry.

This is why it’s terrible for our country that every police shooting is considered national news. Because even videos like these lack the proper context needed to understand why police made the decision to use lethal force. You really don’t know unless you’re there, yet for the the social media know-it-alls, a 10 second low quality phone video is all they need to make up their minds: it was RACISM!!! In fact, most probably won’t even watch the video. They’ll just see it trending on social media and join in the dogpile.

After the shooting went public, BLM started rioting. I won’t include the imagery here because if you’ve seen one riot, you’ve seen them all. Except for this choice image of a car dealership burning down–with a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign in the foreground:

That’s what you get for being an “ally.”

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